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Why January 2020!?


I took the month of January, or should I say the entire first half of 2020, to reflect on my goals like I always do. I wanted to be more intentional.

We had so many beautiful things happen - we celebrated and welcomed Toby, our nephew. We celebrated the announcement of Caiden Michael after celebrating the parents - to - be in 2018 on their wedding. My sister, Janilly and her husband Logan, for their wedding in November and it was truly a remarkable year, full of love, happiness, memories and Sasha got a bit wasted a few too many times.

But as I sat down this entire year long month of January I felt.. odd. I found myself in the same rut I was in periodically through 2019. Stress, anxiety, depression - all that. 2019 had also been a rough year - for the boys, for myself, for Nick, for our friends, for our families, all of it. We had a lot of things happen, we said goodbye to friends (no thanks to the military lifestyle) and found ourselves empty and longing for things to be different. We suffered losses and hard times through our loved ones. And health literally took its toll on me as I struggled to find a new norm with all my Mayo Clinic crap.

Intention: deliberate, purposeful, conscious, willful, willed, voluntary. 

Needed. I have decided that I need to be more intentional with my time, with my friends, family, obligations, job, etc. My goal and my end result is finding my peace, my happy and myself.

What is your goal word for the year 2020?