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October 27, 2015 

I spent the entire day calling family and close friends. Letting them know baby Alexander would be here sooner than anticipated. 

I also spent the remainder of my day cleaning things that didn't need to be cleaned, trying not to get flustered and taking pictures of my belly. Constantly saying "Shit, I'll miss this."

6pm : Nick and I are late, as usual. We're usually never on time to anything.  
No seriously, we were BOTH late to our own wedding. 

7:30 - 1.5 centimeters. They prep the induction, Cervidol is ready and we're in full gear. Nick and I spend a few moments together.  Our really good friends stop by and, for those few moments, I forgot it all. See. I don't do hospitals. I don't do the unknown. I don't not have control. It's not me. It's not how I roll, function or live. 

Back labor. Straight back labor. I danced a small rain dance while breathing through my contractions. Those suckers came every 2-3 minutes at the highest threshold they could. Nick complained about his thumb hurting.. I love the guy but at that moment.. all bets were off. Seriously. 

7AM. They came in. Took out the medicine from hell. Let me shower & told me to eat. 

8AM. With no birth plan & contractions happening ALL THE TIME. I did the drugs. First I did the one where they stick your ass with needle & put something in your IV. I just needed to sleep. I'd decide on the epidural, should I want it, later. 

11AM. E P I D U R A L. The medicine of the Gods. I said things like "Everyone should have an epidural at least once in their life. It's magical" & "Do you think the baby will make the *lip smacking sound* like I do?" 

Disclaimer: My intentions were to not have an epidural. It didn't work out that way. Medicine or no medicine we are all equal. I am no less selfish than any other mother and I am doing my job as a mother. My son came out fine, no repercussions to my choosing to medicate. If you medicate, by all means I applaud you. You did it. Please DO NOT judge -We all birthed children in one way or another. Thanks. 

Between 12p and 2p the nurses kept coming in and checking the baby, moving my positioning and re-moving me. See, because we had the NST done - I was constantly hooked up to machines to ensure the safety of the baby. Alexander was strong, something I kept reminding them, but it was just a precaution. 

2:15pm. My OB finally comes in to check. SURPRISE. BLOODY SHOW. MUCOUS PLUG. HOLY 10 CENTIMETERS. 

3:45 - Let's start pushing.  

At 4:07pm on October 28, 2015
Alexander Alcides Ticali 
4lbs, 14 ounces
19 inches long 

No tears. 
Eyes Wide Open. 



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  1. Loved reading and wow what a Journey. Thanks for making it clear that we are all moms epidural or not we are all equall...Looking forward to the next blog.....By the way with my baby girl I took the epidural at 5cm and they took over a hour to get it in when they were done I was 7cm .....go figure right