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Mommy Must Haves!

So now that I've shared all that I can about our pregnancy, the day we found out & our induction. It's time to share some of my absolute FAVORITE mommy-must-haves!

1. The Nose Frida

I've never been a big fan of the bulb. It freaks me out, you can't clean it. You can't see what's inside. Some of them can't even be opened up. So you really don't know what has grown in there in the few months you've been using it to clean out your LO's tiny little stuffed up nose. The Nose Frida is my personal favorite. Alexander might not be a big fan and people look at me like I'm crazy for using a contraption that is, essentially, like sucking boogers out. But you will NOT be disappointed!

2. Lansinoh Lanolin for Breastfeeding Mothers

I want to note that this is also SUPER beneficial to pumping mothers. I am a Pumping/Breastfeeding/Formula feeding mommy so you can imagine how uncomfortable some sessions might be! This is a S A V I O R. Talk about keeping away sensitivity when wearing clothing,  in the shower (trust me, those first few weeks you WILL want to apply this any chance you get) & after feedings/pumping.

3. Medela Contact Nipple Shield

Aka. The Holy Grail of Breastfeeding. Tiny one and I had issues latching & LET ME TELL YOU .. this came in such handy. Especially during my "I MUST ONLY BREASTFEED, NO BOTTLES, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT" stint I had. The nipple shield helped/helps so much! Especially when your LO is cluster feeding. This creates a barrier so you're not cracking more than you already have, so you don't have the extreme sensitivity/pain/discomfort while nursing your tiny littleness of love.

4. Medela Quick Clean Breastmilk Removal Soap

*Disclaimer* I am in no way, shape, or form advising you to not clean your supplies. For your health & your LO's health you should ALWAYS clean your bottles, pumps and nipple shields as advised on the packaging as frequently as it states. 

These come in handy for those - ' let me clean this up really quickly before I walk away and forget' .. as well as those "crap, I didn't clean this sucker out and I am in DIRE NEED of pumping. Let's face it - you forget. You're tired, hungry, exhausted, in a rush, or just plain and simple OVER IT. It happens. These help ;)

5.  Wabi Baby Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer Plus Version

There's always those very few items that you don't realize you need until late. Nick and I realized well after that boiling bottles was not the thing to do. We put ourselves in danger with that task. A few days later * THANK YOU AMAZON PRIME GODS * - This has been a life saver. Rinse them out, add some water, press the buttons & bam - clean bottles. 

This is, of course, until your LO decides putting their hands in their mouth is great & then you don't really need to sanitize. But if you're crazy like me about cleanliness, then you won't have any worries about adding this to your cart & keeping it moving. 

6. Udder Covers

Alrighty, so anyone who personally knows me knows I had a blast with this title. I absolutely love cows & the fact that I was nursing brought my likeness to a cow that much closer. Anyways. This comes in severe handy. You never realize how shy you might be about breastfeeding in public or even in your own home in front of company. When I first started breastfeeding I couldn't see what I was doing so I'd end up sitting under a blanket, in front of company, just to make sure my LO was eating. This product has a rigid neckline that allows you to see in without having to cover your head or expose your breast, should you not want to. It's perfect & you can shop around for your favorite style. I have one in the name of Norah. 

7. The MamaRoo Bouncer 

We received this as a gift from a treasured friend of ours. Holy Grail of Rockers. With 5 motion settings, 4 sound settings as well as the option to play your own songs, adjustable seat recline, iPhone compatibility to control through an app, washable cover .. It's a surprise I had never seen it until we actually received it. Little One loves to sit in it and usually knocks right out after a while. Pricy, but worth the investment if you ask me! 

8. Summer Infant SwaddlePod, 2-Pack 

Another gem hidden in a baby store. I was NOT the perfect candidate for Swaddling until recently. My husband perfected it well before I did. Go figure ;) These came in handy when I just couldn't get it. Quick and Easy, they came in handy in the first few weeks home when baby needed to be swaddled to sleep. Now, he just finds a way to get out of any kind of swaddle (Ninjababy? I think so). 

9. aden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Blankets 

We have these and, yet again, another Holy Grail of Baby Land product. While it says that they are swaddle blankets these are perfect for just about anything. Alexander lays on & in them, we use them for clean ups, wrapping them around him and his towel after a bath, quick trips to the car & those odd moments when mommy drops her coffee. Easy to clean, beautiful material and just perfect for on-the-go! 


Remember I said you never know what you might need til you actually need it. Amazon Prime comes in holy handy. Kid you not. Nick and I have purchased quite a few things we needed and have received it quickly because of Amazon Prime. We are so lucky to have been able to find anything and everything and have it shipped to us so quickly because of Amazon Prime. 

If you don't have it, but aren't ready to commit to the $99/year charge - try Amazon Prime for 30-days  until you're ready. =) 

What are some of your favorite, absolute Must Have Mommy Products? What could you have done without? 

If you have any blog suggestions, questions or inquiries - shoot me an email at

xo Sash


  1. Bamboobies! These were my go to when I was breastfeeding. The pads are made of bamboo and reusable (you just wash them). They have three different kinds (regular, overnight and disposable). I personally used the reusable ones (had issues with other brands of disposable so I didn't want to take a chance), but they helped a lot with irritation those first weeks of breastfeeding. And they also sell a variety of nursing bras and breastfeeding care products. And they're ORGANIC (for anyone that cares).

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