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Our Pregnancy

Geesh. Where do I begin?

We scheduled our first appointment just to confirm that I was pregnant. At that appointment we got the congratulations and the go ahead for Prenatals & healthy eating, blood tests and blah blah.

It was Wednesday and by that time I had slight spotting. Just for reassurance I was scheduled for an ultrasound because, even at 4 weeks pregnant, implantation bleeding could be the reason.

Thursday: I spent the entire day worried as everything. Granted, I didn't expect to be pregnant but I wasn't unhappy about it. I always dreamed of being a mom. Nick picked me up and off we went to our appointment. Woohoo, a tiny .. little.. microscopic .. blur. That's all we saw but it confirmed a little soul. :) We were definitely pregnant. YASS.
Nothing was said about any bleeding or any of that. 

Friday: At this point, excited, confirmed and all that. I let my co-teacher know. By that afternoon I had been to the bathroom a number of times letting Nick know I had increased in how much I was bleeding.

We were supposed to go to NYC that weekend. Cancelled.  We wound up in Urgent Care, after lots of back and forth about it, we were told to head to the hospital because they didn't have the necessary equipment. I thought, for sure, I was miscarrying. No. I didn't have pain but that unsightly amount of blood was not normal by any means. 

We got home, Facetimed our families, called others & let them know what was going on. 

Saturday: Woke up and headed to the hospital I hoped to deliver in. After much deliberation, lots of scaring and shitty sleep - baby was good, 'it' was okay & the bleeding was because of a subchorionic hemorrhage. S C A R Y. Ultimately it ate itself and we didn't deal with it after a good week or two passed. 

Friday before Fathers Day 2015. Anatomy Scan.  We found out we'd be having a boy. Men are always excited, Nick was ECSTATIC.  I started crying. It had a penis - that's enough to make anyone cry.. right? * Curtsy, I made a funny* 

When the doctor came in, she let us know we had a condition called "Marginal Cord Insertion" which basically meant the umbilical cord had placed itself in an odd spot in the placenta and it could cause some underlying issues during the remainder of our pregnancy.  So I had to come back in August. 

Aug'15 - Still tiny. He, our little dude, was only in the 26th percentile. All 10 fingers and 10 toes. A Nose. Two eyes and  was still very much a boy ( He liked to flaunt it).  So, we had to come back. 

September'15.  Back again, by this time they kinda loved me ;) Still tiny. 2.7lbs tiny to be exact. Most kiddos at 32 weeks are much heavier than that. So now we do our NST tests, weekly scans & such. Our next big scan would be October 26 at our 37 week scan. 

October 26, 2015.  I only gained 20lbs during the pregnancy, didn't really have many pains or discomforts that weren't typical to a pregnancy, didn't really mind being pregnant. I absolutely loved it. I loved feeling his fingers and toes punch & kick at me. I loved reading books and listening to songs.  Our favorite song was sung by the Hawaiian singer IZ "Over the Rainbow" - it was an every day for us!  

I walked in pretty confident, hoping for the best. But something told me I would be giving birth at 37 weeks anyways. Something told me I wouldn't make it past Halloween, as much as I had wanted to. That morning I saw my OB - love her by the way, she explained that given the fact that we had an SGA/IUGR (Small for Gestational Age/ Intrauterine Growth Retardation) baby I would have to be induced. Naturally, I freaked out. God knows I didn't want that. But God knows what he is doing. She goes to look at dates and I call Nick. She comes back in and says "Tuesday looks like the day. You'll give birth with the OnCall Dr there on Tuesday or with me on Wednesday." Surprised, I said "Next week is good." She laughs and tells me that it isn't next week, it's tomorrow. October 27. Cue the tears. 

Scheduled. K. Cool. I call Nick, call my parents, call my job. I head to my next appointment where it will be the end all. If he was fine, had he grown and been well - they'd cancel the induction. 

4th percentile. 

You never know how much percentages mean unless it's how much is being taken out of your paycheck, your interest rate on a loan, credit card or home or your doctor appointments. 

They couldn't tell us how much he weighed just that he could be in the 5-pound range. We were still getting induced. 

I'm so glad I packed my hospital bag this passed weekend.

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