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Why so fast?

Alexander is 14 months old today! 

Let's have a look back to this day ONE YEAR AGO? 

Alexander at 2 months old

This kind of hurts. Like a little more than what I anticipated. But, this was within the last week?  Where does the time go? I remember this day - Nick was so very excited to be able to put him into this outfit. It was huge, and we were so surprised at how loose it was on him. And then, filling out the stats we realized we doubled his weight, added 2 inches and that he, our little guy, was ALREADY getting way too big way too fast.

And now? Let's fast forward to Christmas Day THIS YEAR.

  • Alexander walks and practically runs 
  • He says "no no no" "hi" "mama" "dada" 
  • He signs "more" "all done" "water" "eat" "sleep" and "milk" 
  • He answers the telephone 
  • Gives the best, sweetest, most perfect hugs 
  • Enjoys dancing and playing on his own 

I look back and can remember every single moment just from a few seconds of looking at the picture. It's crazy how a simple photograph can bring back so much.

And then it sets in. Just seeing how much time had passed between the two photos. How and WHY did a whole year that was full of memories, how we were able to look back and remember his first time crawling, first tooth sprouting, first steps, and first words!

I loved being able to experience these moments. I love being able to look back and remember.
I love that he's older, curious, creative, and driven.

How did a few blinks turn into a year!? Spunky, decisive one-year-old.

Please don't grow too fast. 

Groupon, Coupons, Savings, OH MY!

Note: This is a sponsored post. 
As always all opinions are 100% mine and were not influenced in any way. 

Stop! A few weeks ago I shared some amazing deals that could be found on Groupon. But, did you know that Groupon ALSO has coupons?

If you are looking to save any way that you can then Groupon Coupons is the way to go.  I love shopping from home, well... I love shopping period, but the fact that I can do it from the comfort of my own home and not have to lug the little guy everywhere is definitely a plus.


That's just TODAY! Groupon Coupons makes it easy - you can scroll through the 11,000+ stores or you can just type in your favorites and see what they have to offer! My choices? 

Retail Therapy, Date Night, and Cold Weather & Sick babies. Categorized JUST like that. 

Most of the time, I window shop. On overstock? I actually shop. Overstock is my go-to for furniture, rugs, decorations and knick knacks. In fact, we purchased our bed from Overstock and we couldn't have chosen a better place! My mind goes crazy when I check Groupon - free shipping, 70%, 50%, 10% - Rewards, Clearance, Discount, Deals, I COULD GO ON! With 62 coupons - you are literally in shopping heaven.

Alexander, Alexander, Alexander. When our favorite caregiver, who happens to be family and an AMAZING friend isn't available we go to .  Free searches let you find the caregiver you would feel most comfortable with. With Groupon - you can get 20% off their Exclusive Premium Membership. This allows you to share the information about the type of care you need, review profiles, purchase background checks, and even pay your caregiver. It's a must have for a little bit of sanity that goes a serious LONG way with your choice of any of the 14 coupons they offer!

I absolutely LOVE Peapod - seriously. Probably more than I should. Just today I was able to cuddle and not take Alexander out in this 25 degree weather that, with the winds I hear, make it 10 degrees. No thanks! My favorite parts?

  • I was able to "Browse the Aisles" without actually browsing the aisles
  • They accept coupons! So I don't have to sit there and pull out random coupons in the middle of the store. I can sit at my desk, work on my coupons, and bam! Shopping. 
  • When it comes to coupons, they get adjusted when you hand them over to the delivery man.
  • And speaking of that sweet soul, the gentleman actually brought the groceries ALL the way up to my kitchen and asked if I needed help unpacking my groceries! 
You seriously cannot go wrong! And that's JUST on Peapod - Groupon shares the following deals that literally make your day! 
  • Your first order gets $15 off! 
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  • DOUBLING YOUR COUPONS -seriously, a coupon to double the coupons?! CA-CHING!
Seriously, they're steals! 

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So, now you know! Need to shop? Last minute Christmas shopper? Trying to get some new things for your home? Or, just shopping because? - Head over to Groupon Coupons  to get some of the best coupons they have. 

xo Sash

Family Time + Christmas Pictures

So, Nick surprised us for Thanksgiving - which was a blessing in disguise because I totally needed him to come home.

Being around family + having Nick home was perfect and we couldn't have had a better time up North for our Thanksgiving.

When we finally got back to Maryland - we had spent the next couple of days back getting situated, catching up and having some fun times.

I traveled down to DC to help a dear friend and made it back in time for our family pictures.  Jade Koetz of Jade Nikkole Photography is based here in Maryland but often travels to Minnesota to visit her home and family.

Talk about a sweet, dedicated, and loving person who absolutely LOVES what she does. She braved the cold with us to get our pictures done at Gaver Farm here in Maryland... Let's have a look!

Alexander + Mommy 

Alexander + Daddy

My Husband + I
Our Pride + Joy

Our Little Family

We make it a point to have pictures done at least once a year because so much changes and we want the memories. Besides, one of us is ALWAYS missing! ;)

New Year - New Mom

I have an incredible opportunity for all of you! 

Some days are harder than others. Sometimes we feel like we could do more and others we are totally in control of our days.

I know that there are days where I feel like I owe Alexander more than what I can give.
Some days I don't even know what I'm doing, and that is totally okay!

Shela Yount from I Answer To Mom has developed a 30 Day Course to being the better mom you'd like to be! Five modules help you learn about the type of mom you are,  how to be and have a positive household, choosing your battles and SO much more!

You do NOT want to miss out on this offer! Until tomorrow you have a chance to get 25% off your entire purchase!  Click THIS  link to receive 25% off your entire purchase!

I know I cannot WAIT to take this course. I have been waiting for something like this! I've already signed up! LETS DO IT TOGETHER! 

Holidays + MOMS.

Lordy, lordy, lordy knows - holidays are definitely some of the best times spent with the ones you love making memories and cherishing time well spent. BUT they can also be some of the most stressful times for even the most prepared mamas.

I'll be heading up to New York City since Nick is still deployed + we're all coming together for Thanksgiving. Since I'm in the midst of doing all of this myself, I decided that I should probably share some really helpful hints, tips, and ideas to help mamas ALL over deal with the Holiday Stress.


I'll be traveling with two dogs, two cages, a stroller, a play yard, a suitcase for me and Xander, dog food, water bowl and dog food bowl, a diaper bag, toys and prozac.  You KNOW I need the sanity.

  • Create a packing list. Be wise about what you bring, how much of it and how you pack it. 
    • Your packing list should definitely have the basics - think of outfits that you can mix and match so you don't have 800 pieces of clothing and shoes all over the place. 
  • Start packing ahead of time - I decided the easiest thing to do was wash what I wanted to bring and fold it, right after I placed it RIGHT into my luggage. No need to put it away just to pull it back out. 
    • I start on a Sunday and have my bag in the car the night before I travel. 
  • Ziplock baggies - You'd be surprised at how convenient they are! I started using them on my last trip to NYC. I placed an outfit, socks, and the occasional bib for Alexander in a gallon sized Ziplock bag. If he got dirty, I took off the dirty, took out the clean, put on the clean and put away the dirty. Especially when we're out and about! L I F E S A V E R. 
  • When it comes to traveling, I like to give myself enough time. I don't want to feel rushed, or worry about ANYTHING other than getting to my destination. Nothing screams stress like a time limit. 

Oh, look. My life motto. Stress. I am a worrier. I am also a people pleaser. So I tend to say yes to absolutely everything.


  • Breathe. I'm still learning how to do this. 
  • Take 5 - 5 minutes, 5 deep breaths, 5 steps back, 5 seconds to close your eyes. Do it. 
  • Say No - you don't have to say yes to everything, it's okay if you don't see everyone you had planned to see during the holidays. You can make it up, time is a beautiful thing.. but its also not worth stressing over. 
  • Go for a walk - especially when stress becomes the norm. Alone time is sometimes the cure all. 

Whatever you do, don't count down the days. 


This one is a big one for me - I really loathe sitting in a messy or cluttered place. It feels funky and I really wish it wouldn't. So what do I do? A 15 minute clean. Three times a day. Excessive? Probably, but I feel better and I know that it's done. Then I don't have to worry about anything being around me, giving me anxiety over its messy little self not being in its perfect little spot. 

  • I'm going to sound like a crazy but I always have paper towels, lysol wipes, and purell. You can't go wrong. Oh, and Dreft spray. Bless it. 


My tolerance for people only goes so far! One of the biggest things I can say is that when you are feeling overwhelmed - the best thing to do is just WALK AWAY. 

This may sound rude but it prevents you for responding/replying and becoming THAT person. 

Whatever you do, make sure you take pictures, make memories and laugh! <3

Christmas Finds with Groupon Goods!

christmas  is coming!

Note: This is a sponsored post. As always all opinions are 100% mine and were not influenced in any way.

Anyone who knows me I LOVE sales, coupons, deals, you know… ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that saves me all of the green ones.  With Thanksgiving on its way and Christmas rearing its little face around the corner – it’s easy to get caught up in Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday. 

This is wear Groupon Goods won't let you down - no need to stay up late to get out there and fight the crowds for the "best deals" in town, no need to wake up early and make sure you put everything on hold so that you don't miss out.

Seriously, how can you go wrong? You are literally not missing a single person on your list!

For the Harry Potter Lovers - need I say more? LOL


For Him  - you can never go wrong with a watch! 

Oh, should we even address the jewelry, decorations, books, workout equipment, books, magazine subscriptions, fitness trackers, home decor, toys, clothing and electronics? 

Not to mention, you can save up to 80% off.. no, really..

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Follow Groupon on Facebook & Twitter while you're at it! You never know what you'll get ;) 

Alexander's First Birthday

It's official!

We have a One Year Old! 

I took the time to put together a timeline of his first year and every month of his precious little life and I KID YOU NOT, I was a mess. I had to stop a few times just because I was in tears. I cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by! 

This is his very first picture. My little blue berry of love. 

Friday was bitter sweet. He woke up in such a great mood, happy and hungry. We had the longest month ever with Nick being deployed, being sick for an entire month and several cries between the two of us. So for him to wake up and be healthy, happy and now a one year old - I was definitely in my feelings. 

I had made his birthday cake/smash cake the night before. 

And while he wasn't a fan - he dealt with me lol. 

We did his birthday party the very next day! We had such a great morning together and I will forever cherish those little giggles and running around.

A Baggie of Goodies to play with.
Dirt Cake. Cupcakes - Big thanks to Sara and Jesy Littlejohn for their baking skills!
Goldfish and Crayon Baggies ( because Elmo loves them).
I made Ziti, Pasta Salad, Chicken in the Crockpot, and Black Bean Dip.

His stats were adorable and due to some technical errors on my end, I wasn't able to print it in the size it was intended for. But it was absolutely perfect!

Thank you to  Melanie of CF Designed !
She was exceptional! Quick to respond, I received my product just as quickly as she said she would have it! I would DEFINITELY recommend Melanie!

Alexander's shirt was created beautifully by Donna from AuntieDonnas !
I purchased it and since I was so close to Alexanders birthday I had it rush ordered. To my pleasant and happy mama surprise, I received it 4 days after purchasing! It is absolutely perfect and Alexander looked so precious in it!  Another wonderful recommendation!

I was so overwhelmed with the love we received and were surrounded by on his birthday and I could not have been happier. I am humbled by the people we love and call family. 

Now for the one year old chronicles to begin! 

First Birthday Party

Alexander turns ONE a week from today! Where does the time go? 

Who said it was okay to let me have a One-year-old. Seriously? 

So, when Nick and I first found out we were having a baby something we said we didn't want to do was a first birthday party. Why? Because, we had heard time and time again, it was solely for the parents. Up until October 1st, I agreed. 

Then I started planning. With Nick being gone, with so much having gone on - I just wanted a little distraction and what better way than to have a First Birthday party. Just as quickly as he has turned one - we can plan birthdays to follow but.. after some consideration.. I decided that there a myriad of reasons why you SHOULD have the birthday party. Even if it is just for the parents. 

Your baby is finally ONE!

This time last year you were stressing out about the fact that you were expecting. You have spent the last year tending to cries, fusses, yucky diapers, long nights and longer days. You changed outfits, you grew in size, you learned the value of patience and learned what amazing things a 20 minute nap can do for your body. You have stressfully and successfully reached a FULL YEAR of parenting. Kudos to you. 

You need the support. 

Alexander turning one means a lot more than it should. We had a rough year, much like most first time parents and even the most seasoned parents. The first year can, and most likely will, be difficult. You may be gun-ho about your little one turning one because their fun - but you need your people to help you through the day. It isn't an easy one - you are going to miss the little cuddles as your, now, toddler pushes your face away when you try to kiss them. 

You get to clean your house. 

Face it, your house isn't as clean as it used to be before children. And even at its "cleanest" it still isn't where you would normally have it. What better reason to clean than the fact that you are having a party.. am I right? 


Cake tastes good, period. But you know what tastes much better than everyday cake.. celebratory birthday cake. And that's reason enough. 


Sure, they may not remember it.. But you will. And you will be able to tell them about it with the pictures that remind you of this day. You are entitled to those memories - you worked hard for those memories. I am also in the position where my husband isn't here to be apart of his first birthday - so these pictures and videos will serve as a way for him to partake in it the best way he can from so far away. (we miss you, honey)

and finally, LOVE. 

It may not be this way for everyone. But you are celebrating a year of loving someone, living for someone for an entire YEAR. Your dedication, your triumphs, your AHA moments, your frustrations and worries - all because of LOVE. Whether you celebrate in a big way with family and friends, or a small way with just family. Whether it be a cupcake or a photo shoot smash cake - you are doing this because of Love.. and that is reason enough. 

So go on celebrate that birthday - it only happens once but those memories, your love and what it means last forever. Besides, birthday cake. If you'll be looking for me on the day of his birthday, I'll be in his room crying with wine. 

Remember the Bumpdate

We were definitely on a high with how awesome Alexander was being with all of the testing we were going through from 32 weeks. I was in and out of testing 2-4 times a week with appointments and consultations. Alexander was tiny and not growing as they had anticipated so we would find out in one week - what the decision was. Whether Alexander was healthy enough to stay in til he was ready or bring him in earlier than expected.

I spent the majority of the week scared, stressed, worried and blaming myself. I spent the better half of my pregnancy listening to people practically blame me for not gaining weight, for Alexander not growing - you name it. Who knew mom guilt would come so early? I heard it all..

"you should eat ____ and _____"

"We need to fatten you up" 

"Why aren't you eating?"

"Oh.. you've only gained ___ lbs? Thats not good at all. Aren't you worried about the baby at all?"

Typical mom. 

I woke up that morning, knowing very well, that the decision was made a few months before hand. So, I sat in his room reading a book and had a conversation with him. About women vs hoes, about making good choices, about eating when he got out so that people could see it was NOT my fault - and most of all, that I was proud of him for not leaving us, for being a pain in my belly button, and that I  we absolutely, indefinitely loved him.

So Nick took the time to let me get ready. He reminded me we were doing great. See.. months before we were in the ER with bleeding - thinking we were going to lose the baby. So worry came second nature and the fact that I worked so hard on keeping Alexander in .. only to have to worry about pulling him out before his time.. was something Nick reminded me was OUT OF MY CONTROL.

We spent the week finalizing things, his room, his laundry, our bags, our sanity. lol. 
As much as we wanted him to stay in and grow - we couldn't wait for him to be with us! 

Mind It.

Today, on my personal Facebook, I shared a meme. Much like everyone else does. 
This one specifically. 

I had a few handful share it - but I also received some not so nice messages about how I should be kind to people because they are asking out of concern, worry and interest. That I should be grateful that someone cares enough to ask about Nick being deployed. 

Rarely do I ever feel the need to have to explain something but, apparently, my annoyance is unwarranted and I should know better than be rude to those who are expressing "concern" [ I use that word lightly ]. 

Fact of the matter is - we don't know when he can get leave next because it may coincide with him being deployed.. so no you cannot monopolize his leave. 

Fact of the matter is - we won't know where we get stationed next because we can't tell the damn future. 

Fact of the matter is - we don't know when Nick is coming home and even if I did, I couldn't tell you. 

Fact of the matter is - I don't know if he will be home for the holidays and I'm sorry that that inconveniences you and your nosy self. Ill remember that in the event that he isn't home and I have to ask you to hold the camera so we can record Alexander opening presents. 

Lastly, we cherish as much time as we possibly can. We were lucky to be able to FaceTime and see each other this last week. It wouldn't have happened otherwise. We don't have the same luxuries we used to and we take what we can get. 

I could understand if I were rude about it, I could understand if I was a bitch with my "I don't know" but I was neither. I simply just do not know. Neither does he. And to reach out to someone and tell them they should be grateful for the "concern" baffles me. 

e l e v e n. 
With what has been the most trying month of our lives finally saying goodbye, I am able to sit down and really dedicate myself to some writing. What better way than with this little guy! 

Alexander is now 11 months old. 
11 months of feisty, determined, driven and focus. 
11 months and really testing limits, testing boundaries. 

I wouldn't change it. 
Some days are easier than others ( understatement). 
Other days I'm wondering why it's already after the first nap and why is time flying by so quickly. 

Nick has officially been deployed for a month and I've been doing this all solo for a little. 
I have to give major kudos to the moms and dads who raise children on their own. 
I bow down to you. Keep up the great work. 

The month of October is going to be a little more than special. 
Alexander turns 1 years old. ( i'm not ready). 
Nick and I will be celebrating 3 years of marriage - SAY WHAAAT! 
I am finally going to be normal and only be taking one class at a time * pelvic thrust* 
31 Days of October Blog is in the works! :) 
- stay tuned <3

Everything happens for a reason

So, last update I wrote about being really busy with planning a wedding for an undisclosed person.

Unfortunately, due to not seeing eye to eye and miscommunications about a contract - we will not be working together.

I see this as a wake up call. I was trying to do too much. I was stressed. I was worried. I would have ended up spending MORE than what I would have earned by having to drive an excess in miles, on little to no sleep over the course of a few days, put miles on my car for practically no income as I was going above and beyond just to prove to myself that I could.


Can you believe that? I was "let go" and I found relief.

Go figure.  God works in mysterious ways and he shows me that he does time and time again.

Soon after I received the e-mail.. I saw a bumper sticker that said "Keep Calm and Trust God"

Oh, do I ever.
Busy.  Busy. Busy. 

It's crazy how quickly life gets busy then you have a moment of nothing to do until your to do list is as high as the laundry basket in the hallway. 

Here are some updates of the Ticali household: 

  • Alexander is almost 9 months, he is eating foods like chicken, mangos, avocados and some pasta. He has 4 teeth that are already in + 2 on their way in. + he knows how to use them too. 
  • He's becoming more vocal and definitely more interactive - he makes ma, pa, ba, ah, brr, and la sounds. He's also waving hello, though most times its random. 
  • He is so lively, he interacts + smiles at everyone. He shows how excited he is, he is definitely starting to show his tantrum side. His fine + gross motor skills ( top, there it is) are so great. He finally brings food to his mouth, he tries to piece puzzles together + he is such a dancer. He is using a walker to coast around the house + is beyond mobile. 
  • Nick is getting ready to leave for some time - so Alexander + I are filling in our schedules with busy work. He's on a schedule of his own, he picked it. All of that trying to sleep train and BAM! he picked his own schedule, so classes + fun, play times + play dates will have to wait. 
  • I have my first wedding coordinator job this September - so I'm excited + nervous about that. 
  • I have also been working on my Masters in Early Childhood. I have five classes down, currently taking two classes + I'll have two or three classes before I am FINISHED.   You have no idea how exciting this is. I can't say it has been easy because juggling a deploying husband, a full time wife, mom, fur mom + grad school has been exhausting on top of picking up small jobs here + there.  Anticipated date of completion looks like November/December + I'll probably be graduating in May 2017. How exciting!?
  •  I am looking into becoming a virtual assistant to be able to supplement our income - so if any of you have some insight or some awesome. Since I won't be returning into the work force until August of 2017 - I believe this is the perfect time to be able to stay home, pick up a job or two + provide for the familia. 
  • I've had to take a step back from being a Beachbody Health & Fitness Coach + really start from fresh. The journey has been a great one + I really can't wait to help others reach their fitness goals + be where they want to be. I wish everyone could feel how I feel right now!

Needless to say, we're still dealing with our one year inspections for our house which has truly been a process of its own. Here is to hoping that things will simmer down a bit. We'll be in NYC from July 25th to August 2nd + then my 24th ( for the third time) birthday will be upon us. 

ps. Me + calliou are about to fight. 

Not Your Mothers Plump For Joy

About the Product

Take your hair from dreary to wonderful with consistent use of this product. Plump for Joy Thickening Hair Lifter is meant for constant use, to thicken and liven your hair. 

How To Use

For best results, spray into palm, rub hands together, and then scrunch into hair from ends to roots. Style as usual. TIP: For a wavy look, let dry naturally or use a diffuser to dry hair. Can be used on damp or dry hair.

My Review. 

I use this product mostly when I couldn't and didn't find time to do my hair. For the intended purpose it does it's job - definitely gives life but I don't feel as though it made my hair any thicker. I definitely loved the smell it left in my hair and the fact that my hair didn't feel gritty but I would have to use it on a continuous basis to be able to say it did it's job. 

I would recommend it for anyone who is interested in trying a new product and enjoys NYM products. It does not dissatisfy at all. 

I received this product courtesy of Influenster for testing purposes for free. 
My opinions are that of my own based on my experiences with the product. 

Guess what!?

Y U P . 
I have caught him attempting to stand up win his crib but it wasn't until recently that he actually did  this little number. 

Alexander has been quite mobile for a while now. He's been crawling for the last two weeks and now pulls himself up on every single thing he can. 

Time to lower that damn crib, child proof the house + pray he doesn't figure out how to work the gates we are about to install. 

The Liebster Award is a great way to discover new up and coming bloggers. It gives people a great chance to network and meet new people who share a common passion…blogging!

Basic deets when your are nominated:
1. Please thank the blog that nominated you.
2. Select 5-11 bloggers that you would like to nominate for this award. 
3. Let bloggers know you have nominated them. 
4. Create questions for them to answer. Let your creativity and personality shine. 

Brandi Jo Little of Little Momma Life nominated me :) The following questions are ones she selected for me to answer + , in turn, I get to choose bloggers to pass the nomination to! 

1. Why did you start your blog?
- I started my blog when I was sitting at home, with my son, at my wits end because of breastfeeding. Going into this we read everything we could, did anything and everything we could, to prepare for Alexander. And yet, when time came.. I felt far from capable. I know how that feels and I wanted to share my experiences with motherhood, finds and attempts at everything so other new moms + moms in general could understand and never feel lonely.

2. What is your favorite fashion statement lately?
- Leggings, a sweater or a T-shirt + TOMS. My go-to outfit. 

3. What’s on your bucket list this summer?
- Taking Alexander to a beach 
- Hiking w| my husband + son
- Going somewhere in MD that I've yet to visit

4. What is your “thing” that you do to relax?
- Hm. In the off chance that I do get to relax - a good book or a tv series while I sit in a nice hot bath with epson salt & some infused water that is EXTREMELY similar to Wine... Okay. It's wine. 

5. What is your motto for life? (quote, verse, song, etc.)
- It is what it is.  The reason being that there is only so much one can do, change, or say before its known that nothing else can be done, changed or said. You're damned if you do, damned if you don't so I've learned to just let things be. People expect way too much from a single being and sometimes, if it isn't truly urgent, there is NO need to stress over the unnecessary.

The blogs I have chosen deserve so much recognition and support. Please check out their blogs! They are so fun and informative to read. I am glad that I have had the opportunity to read each and every one, and connect with the brilliant writers!

1 | Jessica of Garvin and Co.
2 | Regina of Life with Gina G.
3 | Saffiyah of Family Fun and Life
4 | Amber of PB & J Babes
5 | Bethany of BLW Ideas

The questions I would like you ladies to answer are: 
1. What is one piece of advice you'd give to new moms?
2. If ALL expenses were paid, where would you go?
3. What is your favorite childhood memory?
4. What is something you look forward to showing/telling your children when they get older?
5. What is on your five year plan? 

Thank you to Brandi for nominating me! This is the sweetest and such an awesome thing to do! I look forward to reading more of these! 

xo Sash

May 2016- June 2016 Goals

Accountability is key.

I have been beating myself up every day I look in the mirror + am not happy with what I see. Not to mention the things I want to get done in the house and so forth.

So here's my list of what I plan on doing for the rest of this month & all of June.

May 2016

+ Clean out closet and donate clothes that do not fit or have not been worn.
+ Reorganize kitchen cabinets + pantry.
+ Go to sleep at a decent, n o r m a l hour to be able to wake up B E F O R E the child does.
+ Work out everyday, without skipping a day.
+ Cut out wheat, soda, candy + chips from diet.
+ Hold accountability group for fitness challenge.
+ Get Alexander on a holy grail of a schedule so the aforementioned can actually be done.

June 2016

+ Blog consistently
+ Create schedule for the summer.
+ Meal Plan consistently
+ Have Assignments completed BEFORE the due date hour.

Be one step closer to my goal.
Be happier with myself one step at a time.
Learn to love myself.. because if I don't, who will? (Rhetorical, I know my son, husband & family love me).

what are your goals for the next 6 weeks? 

6 month Check up!

Today you're 6 months, 15 days. 
13lbs, 13 ounces
a little over 2 ft tall. 
Crawling, Teething & pulling yourself up to stand. 

You smile lots, you hug and give kisses. 
You're babbling a little more than usual.  
You love ripping paper and really like bananas. 

We're baby led weaning - here and there. 
We're still working on those fine motor skills. 

Your doctor was surprised that you were doing so well. 
Developmentally you're doing great - you're growing at your own pace, eating at your own pace, you've tripled your birthweight & you are HAPPY. 

My mellow little heartbeat of love.

Our next appointment is set for August 22 where we are more than sure you'll be walking by then. A few days short of your turning 9 months. 

That was a little weird to say. I'm still getting used that part.