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Magical Chair & Cocoa Butter

My mom group always raves about products & things they love.

Each mom was raving about this chair - I kid you not. Every other post was about how magical this chair was, how much their baby loved it and what it does.


So I decided that I was going to get it... I'm a sheep I know. But y'all... Alexander loves it. He loves seeing what is around him and loves being able to turn his head, sit up and pay attention the world. This chair helped him so much. Since he absolutely hates tummy time getting him to work on his neck muscles is a pain in my tush & This chair helps him SO much. He's doing an amazing job & loves sitting it.

Y'all know I love my cocoa butter. I swear by it - having winter eczema, constantly dry & in need of a good smelling, non irritating lotion/oil I LOVE anything Palmer's. With that said, when they came out with a baby line I knew, one day, I would buy it. Lo & Behold - the holy grail of baby oil. Alexander smells amazing after his baths, his skin is great & it doesn't oil up like most things do. It's safe for his skin & he enjoys it. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil for Baby is AMAZING.

Let me know if you purchase them & how it goes! I'd love to share your review on my Facebook page!

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