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Mommy Mondays : Meet Yanal

Meet Yanal!

Yanal is the older sister of my best & long time friend, Haneen. Yanal has been such a great support for any and all endeavors and has been a nurturer for me since finding out I, too, would be joining the mommy world.

My name is Yanal 36, loving mother of 4 beautiful kids ages 15,14,13,10.

They say having teens is hard but not really they're my best friends. Enjoy your pregnancy and your child , you learn everyday as a mom. What I would tell pre mommies is that kids are a wonderful blessing from God !! What I would do with a frantic baby in a cart at a store , hmm grab my baby and comfort he or she in my arms . Don't care about the cart or who is around me . As long as they all are healthy and happy . 

My advice to all parents BE THEIR BEST FRIEND when they need a friend and be a parent when they need one. Now that they are older you really can't do time outs, just talk to them and when they know that your listening they'll listen as well. 

My favorite memory with my child I would say when they looked at me and called me mama I know that sounds lame but the best feeling in the world lol

I encourage any moms always keep smiling even when you are at your hardest moments always smile . Kids feel your stress and act up on it. Always keep your kids first, always listen listen listen , they need to know your always there. Build trust when they get older as my kids are they will always tell you everything and know they can always count on !

Meet Brandi

It's Mommy Monday
My first highlight is to my Instagram Giveaway Partner in Crime, Brandi. I "met" Brandi on Instagram and enjoyed her friendship I've been in the audience as she traveled through pregnancy & now glistens as a new mother!

My name is Brandi! I'm a child of God, wife, momma, small business owner (#LSBBL), + a blogger ( I'm so excited to "meet" all of you!
What advice would you give to a woman who is pregnant or beginning life with a newborn? 
- Trust your momma gut! I could go on and on with what worked for us, but every baby is different! YOU know YOUR baby best! Listen to that gut feeling- God placed it there for a reason!
What would you tell pre-mommy you about life with babies? 
- It's the BEST + HARDEST experience that you'll ever have in life! You will be overwhelmed at times- sometimes with stress, but many times with love! Take it day by day.
You're in the store with a full cart & a frantic baby - what do you do? 
- Stay calm! The calmer you are, the calmer your little babe will be! Most of the time when my babe is frantic but I still need to check out, I do my best to calm her down + I worry about checking out later! (Oh, + if people stare, kindly ask them if they know where the off button is. ;] )
What is in your Mommy Must Have list? 
- oh gosh. This one is HARD. We have found so so many things helpful. If I just have to choose a few, I think I would choose our baby carrier, our Snuza Hero, + our Halo Swaddle.
What is your MOTTO? What gets you through the day? 
- I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. Anything that comes our way, I know Jesus will get us through it! He's gotten us through 100% of our days so far, + He won't fail us now.
What is your BIGGEST piece of parenting advice? 
- Do not be hard on yourself. You will have so many decisions to make as a momma; it's never ending. BUT, whatever decision YOU make is what's best for YOUR family. Who cares what the mom next to you is doing? Your family = your decision!
What is your parenting style?
- Hmm... I'm honestly not too sure about this one. I think it might be easier to answer when my babe is a little older. I guess I would say that my parenting style is to be the best role model I can be, so my little babe will grow up knowing her worth + her beauty, inside + out.
What has been, thus far, your favorite memory with your child(ren)? 
- oh gosh. My best has been the very first time I held her when she was born! But other than her birth, I think it would be the first time she smiled at me because of me! I cried because it made my heart just explode with love.
Mommin is hard- real hard. But my goodness is it the best experience. Even your bad days are good days when you have a baby. I have a friend that always says to me- The days are long but the years are short - + it's SO true. + remember, you ARE a good mom. You ARE doing a good job. You ARE loved. And don't you ever forget it.

This Valentines Day was so different. Nick and I have spent 6 of these Hallmark holidays with each other but never with each other. 

I disconnected this year. I spent it hugging and kissing Alexander. 
Singing songs and just spending time. We napped together, ate together and watch our favorite shows together. 

I noticed a difference. 
I felt better being disconnected from my phone but still within ear shot in case Nick called. 
I saw a little smile Alexander gave when I gave him a kiss. 
I felt him relax when I held him and I even watched him go to sleep before I dozed off myself. 

You miss so much trying to do so many things at once that you miss/overlook the simple things, the things that set moments apart. I loved being able to spend that time with him and actually watch him grow. See how his little mind processed something. 

I plan on disconnecting more often. Both for Alexander and Nick. I hate that I have conditioned my son to see a camera/phone. I don't want him to think that it's attached to me. 

Too often we miss out on conversations, cues, needs and wants because we are nose deep reading an article, scrolling through social media timelines or playing games. 

It's time to change that. 

Father and Son -

Nicholas & Alexander 
This picture screams to my soul. It's my husband, our son and, inadvertently, his wedding ring. 

The man I love. 
The promise we made. 
The product of that promise & our love. 

If that doesn't speak volumes then I don't know what does! 


Taking care of you is SO important.

Some days I don't get myself ready for the day & feel like I haven't done anything except take care of Alexander & his fussy little self. Other days, when I have done my hair, make up & gotten dressed, I feel like the day is that much more productive.

If you know me you know I can't do my make up any better than a toddler in mommy's lipsticks. BUT here are my Top 8 must haves to feeling semi - decent. Even if I am in leggings & Old Navy's latest sweatshirt. PS. My favorite Go To leggings are Victoria's Secret Every Day Leggings.

#1 Neutrogena's Oil Free For Sensitive Skin - so easy, so fresh, so clean. I love it. It isn't heavy & it's the one thing I DO NOT break out to. It's a must have if you have sensitive skin or need a new moisturizer. 

#2  Maybelline's Fit Me Foundation - this is a godsend for me. Matte & Poreless makes a difference. My pores like to show themselves like freckles under the sunlight forgetting the fact that they're not wanted here. It's light, has great coverage & perfect for everyday. 

#3  Neutrogena Custom Glow Blush Duo - Again, another Neutrogena find. I love this - with a newborn I really don't have time if I'm by myself and Nick is at work. So this is my quick go-to for color on my face & definition. 

#4  CoverGirl 305 Flamed Out Mascara - enough said. I don't have time for fake eyelashes & don't really use them this is a quick gotta have it for a great price! I mean really, you can even find coupons for this! 

#5 Naked Basics - WORTH THE PRICE. Great pigments, great for on the go & every day looks. I have even used this for my outings with Nick or special events. Totally worth the price if you ask me. 

#6  Anastasia Beverly Brow Definer Triangular - Eyebrows make or break your face. Trust me I've been on the latter spectrum until I purchased the brow definer. Yet another doozy for a price item but totally worth it in the long run. I get the right 'SAS' when I use this! 

#7  NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - FAVES! I absolutely hate anything on my lips. Lipstick doesn't fare well with me and it usually rubs off.  That being said - this totally makes my day easier & has been my go to for the few date nights we've had and any important events in between. Great choice for nudes!

& Finally, #8 Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner, Maybelline makes another arrival on my list as I get my go to ready day. Smooth, great color and a must if you need an extra pop in your day. 

Now, this isn't to say you need a full face! You're beautiful as is. But you need to feel beautiful for you & it may just mean that you're taking some moisturizer, foundation & bronzer. Other days you go for the full. Shoot, sometimes I just play around like I'm actually going out & I'm sitting in my leggings & sweatshirt with a hot mess of a bun on the top of my head. 

Do it for you - no one else will. 


Alexander, my spunky 
a little over 3 months old
blue eyed sweetheart.

Gosh. Look at that face. 

Have you ever had a not so great week and felt like giving up? 
That was me Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

I totally had it. 

Today? Totally different. Alexander was sweet, giggly and happy. He napped pretty well today and ate well too. It was kinda rough on me at first but it was a blessing in disguise. I needed his help today. 

He grabbed my face in his sleep and I felt all my stress just disappear. 
Everything I felt the last few days just dissipated, turned into nothingness. 

They weren't kidding when they said you'll never be the same. 
I never expected to love something so tiny, so damn much. But my goodness do I ever. 

Magical Chair & Cocoa Butter

My mom group always raves about products & things they love.

Each mom was raving about this chair - I kid you not. Every other post was about how magical this chair was, how much their baby loved it and what it does.


So I decided that I was going to get it... I'm a sheep I know. But y'all... Alexander loves it. He loves seeing what is around him and loves being able to turn his head, sit up and pay attention the world. This chair helped him so much. Since he absolutely hates tummy time getting him to work on his neck muscles is a pain in my tush & This chair helps him SO much. He's doing an amazing job & loves sitting it.

Y'all know I love my cocoa butter. I swear by it - having winter eczema, constantly dry & in need of a good smelling, non irritating lotion/oil I LOVE anything Palmer's. With that said, when they came out with a baby line I knew, one day, I would buy it. Lo & Behold - the holy grail of baby oil. Alexander smells amazing after his baths, his skin is great & it doesn't oil up like most things do. It's safe for his skin & he enjoys it. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil for Baby is AMAZING.

Let me know if you purchase them & how it goes! I'd love to share your review on my Facebook page!