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This Valentines Day was so different. Nick and I have spent 6 of these Hallmark holidays with each other but never with each other. 

I disconnected this year. I spent it hugging and kissing Alexander. 
Singing songs and just spending time. We napped together, ate together and watch our favorite shows together. 

I noticed a difference. 
I felt better being disconnected from my phone but still within ear shot in case Nick called. 
I saw a little smile Alexander gave when I gave him a kiss. 
I felt him relax when I held him and I even watched him go to sleep before I dozed off myself. 

You miss so much trying to do so many things at once that you miss/overlook the simple things, the things that set moments apart. I loved being able to spend that time with him and actually watch him grow. See how his little mind processed something. 

I plan on disconnecting more often. Both for Alexander and Nick. I hate that I have conditioned my son to see a camera/phone. I don't want him to think that it's attached to me. 

Too often we miss out on conversations, cues, needs and wants because we are nose deep reading an article, scrolling through social media timelines or playing games. 

It's time to change that. 

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