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Meet Brandi

It's Mommy Monday
My first highlight is to my Instagram Giveaway Partner in Crime, Brandi. I "met" Brandi on Instagram and enjoyed her friendship I've been in the audience as she traveled through pregnancy & now glistens as a new mother!

My name is Brandi! I'm a child of God, wife, momma, small business owner (#LSBBL), + a blogger ( I'm so excited to "meet" all of you!
What advice would you give to a woman who is pregnant or beginning life with a newborn? 
- Trust your momma gut! I could go on and on with what worked for us, but every baby is different! YOU know YOUR baby best! Listen to that gut feeling- God placed it there for a reason!
What would you tell pre-mommy you about life with babies? 
- It's the BEST + HARDEST experience that you'll ever have in life! You will be overwhelmed at times- sometimes with stress, but many times with love! Take it day by day.
You're in the store with a full cart & a frantic baby - what do you do? 
- Stay calm! The calmer you are, the calmer your little babe will be! Most of the time when my babe is frantic but I still need to check out, I do my best to calm her down + I worry about checking out later! (Oh, + if people stare, kindly ask them if they know where the off button is. ;] )
What is in your Mommy Must Have list? 
- oh gosh. This one is HARD. We have found so so many things helpful. If I just have to choose a few, I think I would choose our baby carrier, our Snuza Hero, + our Halo Swaddle.
What is your MOTTO? What gets you through the day? 
- I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. Anything that comes our way, I know Jesus will get us through it! He's gotten us through 100% of our days so far, + He won't fail us now.
What is your BIGGEST piece of parenting advice? 
- Do not be hard on yourself. You will have so many decisions to make as a momma; it's never ending. BUT, whatever decision YOU make is what's best for YOUR family. Who cares what the mom next to you is doing? Your family = your decision!
What is your parenting style?
- Hmm... I'm honestly not too sure about this one. I think it might be easier to answer when my babe is a little older. I guess I would say that my parenting style is to be the best role model I can be, so my little babe will grow up knowing her worth + her beauty, inside + out.
What has been, thus far, your favorite memory with your child(ren)? 
- oh gosh. My best has been the very first time I held her when she was born! But other than her birth, I think it would be the first time she smiled at me because of me! I cried because it made my heart just explode with love.
Mommin is hard- real hard. But my goodness is it the best experience. Even your bad days are good days when you have a baby. I have a friend that always says to me- The days are long but the years are short - + it's SO true. + remember, you ARE a good mom. You ARE doing a good job. You ARE loved. And don't you ever forget it.

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