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Mommy Mondays : Meet Yanal

Meet Yanal!

Yanal is the older sister of my best & long time friend, Haneen. Yanal has been such a great support for any and all endeavors and has been a nurturer for me since finding out I, too, would be joining the mommy world.

My name is Yanal 36, loving mother of 4 beautiful kids ages 15,14,13,10.

They say having teens is hard but not really they're my best friends. Enjoy your pregnancy and your child , you learn everyday as a mom. What I would tell pre mommies is that kids are a wonderful blessing from God !! What I would do with a frantic baby in a cart at a store , hmm grab my baby and comfort he or she in my arms . Don't care about the cart or who is around me . As long as they all are healthy and happy . 

My advice to all parents BE THEIR BEST FRIEND when they need a friend and be a parent when they need one. Now that they are older you really can't do time outs, just talk to them and when they know that your listening they'll listen as well. 

My favorite memory with my child I would say when they looked at me and called me mama I know that sounds lame but the best feeling in the world lol

I encourage any moms always keep smiling even when you are at your hardest moments always smile . Kids feel your stress and act up on it. Always keep your kids first, always listen listen listen , they need to know your always there. Build trust when they get older as my kids are they will always tell you everything and know they can always count on !

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