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The Power of Apology

Something about becoming a Mom changes the way you do things.

For me, it was righting the wrongs I'd made with someone people from my past. Not all of them. In some cases its best to leave things as they are.  I started this journey in my pregnancy and finally crossed off the last person on my list.

See, my list wasn't long at all. I thought carefully, over the course of my pregnancy, about the people I would apologize to. Mostly, the one person I'd apologize to.

Trying to get in contact with her was quite the task.. as I was, up until recently, blocked.

I can't  express the relief it was to finally find her & apologize for the ugly side of me she saw.

Rarely ever do you hear of people coming forward about being ugly - but I did, I owned up to it and the response was beautiful.

The power of apology is crazy. How the utterance or writing of "I apologize for...." can absolutely change and make someone's day. I've done this twice in my life. Both to people who were undeserving of it but times and situations were present.

If you're reading this... which I'm sure at some point you will. Please know even though I was a hideous being I never stopped checking on you. I never stopped asking around - because the one incident didn't change how I looked at you/felt about you.

I want my son, and my future children, to understand the power of their words. How they can take one day and completely fuck up someone else's because they decided to be a little shit. I want them to understand that apologizing does not make the person they are apologizing to better than them, that they are not beneath nor above an apology.


I first learned about The Vintage Honey Shop from a fellow blogger + friend, Brandi. She had posted some amazing pictures of her beautiful Little one with her teething/baby wearing rings from The Vintage Honey Shop. 

Basically, by the time I had finished reading her review - scrolling through their website, Facebook, and instagram.. I had convinced myself I absolutely needed one and I wouldn't be walking away without it. 
Holy. Moly. 

I chose mine. It was delivered quickly. 
It's beautiful. 
I love it. Alexander doesn't pull on my neck or my hair when I'm wearing it. He gnaws on it rather than my hands. It's a beautiful design. Functional. Easy to wash. Goes with everything and it's my favorite thing to put on. 

I've had a few people comment on when I wear it and I gush over how much it makes sense to buy one and how I've been a happier little woman since. Alexander LOVES pulling on my hair, loves biting at my hands, cheeks, chin, forehead.. you name it. This makes it a lot easier. 

When creating my baby registry.. I didn't think of teething times, something that would work, something that would come in handy when he was chewing on everything in sight. 

Now, I don't leave the house without it. 

So go ahead and grab yours - they have an amazing selection at great prices and are some truly special, sweet and loving mommas. 

Instagram: @thevintagehoneyshop
Their email:


It's been quite the world over here in the Ticali residence.

Between visitors - both human and infectious, busy days, long nights & lots of homework.

Alexander in the last few weeks has learned to hold himself up better and is now practicing rocking back and forth on all fours.

He's also become quite the sitter and can now sit on his own and loves to push himself so that he can be on his belly.

Nick's job situation is better and he seems a lot happier which helps in the long run in all areas.

I'm back at working at the church every Sunday, too!

I have to attribute my great mood to the fact that I'm working out on a consistent basis. I'm happier, I feel better and healthier ( minus the viral infection I've seemed to acquire in the last few days). Had it not been for kicking ass in some of my workouts.

Another "run away" from reality - I joined a bible reading group. The one thing that I haven't kept to is religion. I strayed away because moving, because life, because. So now, I'm here. I joined it with a few girls from Facebook who I've come to know. 365 days of reading - I can't wait. I'm excited about this journey.

C O L O R I N G. God save it. I love it. It helps. It works.