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I first learned about The Vintage Honey Shop from a fellow blogger + friend, Brandi. She had posted some amazing pictures of her beautiful Little one with her teething/baby wearing rings from The Vintage Honey Shop. 

Basically, by the time I had finished reading her review - scrolling through their website, Facebook, and instagram.. I had convinced myself I absolutely needed one and I wouldn't be walking away without it. 
Holy. Moly. 

I chose mine. It was delivered quickly. 
It's beautiful. 
I love it. Alexander doesn't pull on my neck or my hair when I'm wearing it. He gnaws on it rather than my hands. It's a beautiful design. Functional. Easy to wash. Goes with everything and it's my favorite thing to put on. 

I've had a few people comment on when I wear it and I gush over how much it makes sense to buy one and how I've been a happier little woman since. Alexander LOVES pulling on my hair, loves biting at my hands, cheeks, chin, forehead.. you name it. This makes it a lot easier. 

When creating my baby registry.. I didn't think of teething times, something that would work, something that would come in handy when he was chewing on everything in sight. 

Now, I don't leave the house without it. 

So go ahead and grab yours - they have an amazing selection at great prices and are some truly special, sweet and loving mommas. 

Instagram: @thevintagehoneyshop
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