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It's been quite the world over here in the Ticali residence.

Between visitors - both human and infectious, busy days, long nights & lots of homework.

Alexander in the last few weeks has learned to hold himself up better and is now practicing rocking back and forth on all fours.

He's also become quite the sitter and can now sit on his own and loves to push himself so that he can be on his belly.

Nick's job situation is better and he seems a lot happier which helps in the long run in all areas.

I'm back at working at the church every Sunday, too!

I have to attribute my great mood to the fact that I'm working out on a consistent basis. I'm happier, I feel better and healthier ( minus the viral infection I've seemed to acquire in the last few days). Had it not been for kicking ass in some of my workouts.

Another "run away" from reality - I joined a bible reading group. The one thing that I haven't kept to is religion. I strayed away because moving, because life, because. So now, I'm here. I joined it with a few girls from Facebook who I've come to know. 365 days of reading - I can't wait. I'm excited about this journey.

C O L O R I N G. God save it. I love it. It helps. It works. 

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