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6 month Check up!

Today you're 6 months, 15 days. 
13lbs, 13 ounces
a little over 2 ft tall. 
Crawling, Teething & pulling yourself up to stand. 

You smile lots, you hug and give kisses. 
You're babbling a little more than usual.  
You love ripping paper and really like bananas. 

We're baby led weaning - here and there. 
We're still working on those fine motor skills. 

Your doctor was surprised that you were doing so well. 
Developmentally you're doing great - you're growing at your own pace, eating at your own pace, you've tripled your birthweight & you are HAPPY. 

My mellow little heartbeat of love.

Our next appointment is set for August 22 where we are more than sure you'll be walking by then. A few days short of your turning 9 months. 

That was a little weird to say. I'm still getting used that part. 

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