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May 2016- June 2016 Goals

Accountability is key.

I have been beating myself up every day I look in the mirror + am not happy with what I see. Not to mention the things I want to get done in the house and so forth.

So here's my list of what I plan on doing for the rest of this month & all of June.

May 2016

+ Clean out closet and donate clothes that do not fit or have not been worn.
+ Reorganize kitchen cabinets + pantry.
+ Go to sleep at a decent, n o r m a l hour to be able to wake up B E F O R E the child does.
+ Work out everyday, without skipping a day.
+ Cut out wheat, soda, candy + chips from diet.
+ Hold accountability group for fitness challenge.
+ Get Alexander on a holy grail of a schedule so the aforementioned can actually be done.

June 2016

+ Blog consistently
+ Create schedule for the summer.
+ Meal Plan consistently
+ Have Assignments completed BEFORE the due date hour.

Be one step closer to my goal.
Be happier with myself one step at a time.
Learn to love myself.. because if I don't, who will? (Rhetorical, I know my son, husband & family love me).

what are your goals for the next 6 weeks? 

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