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Mommy Monday : Meet Whitney

Meet Whitney!

I met Whitney in 2013 as a newlywed + a new Toddler Teacher. I watched Whitney grow as a teacher until she took a step out on Faith + began her own family child care center. Since then, Whitney has thrived as a happy loving mother, business owner and wife.

My name is Whitney Hentz-Johnson. 

I am a full time, homeschooling mother of two beautiful children Ayden, 5 years old, and Aspen, 7 weeks old. 

I am a small business owner of a family childcare center in Maryland. 

I enjoy working with children and watching them learn and grow.
Advice: As far as advice, I would say always go with your gut feeling. This is especially true when it comes to your children because You know more than anyone what is best for your child. Follow your gut instinct. Trust your gut!
Pre-Mommy: Be easy on yourself. At times we as parents, especially mothers, place so much pressure on ourselves to do so much for our children. So then, when thongs aren't accomplished, we tend to feel guilty or as if we haven't done enough. This isn't true. Your child will love you because you're you. You make the effort and spend the time with them and they will love you for it. Breathe in, breathe out, you got this!
Cart full: Find a bench to sit on and pop my boob in my babies mouth to calm it down and then go back to shopping. (The power of mommy milk) lol
Mommy Must Have List: 1)WINE 2)good, supportive mommy friends 3) supportive mate 4) patience
Parent advice: we all make mistakes there's no such thing as a perfect parent. Do your best, the rest will fall into place.
Parenting style: I am really big on instilling values into my children. Values that will help them to be able to be strong, black women and men that can favw anything that life throws their way.
Favorite: aspen, 7weeks, we she rolled over the first time. The look on her face--proceless! Ayden, 5, when I had to tell him that he couldnt marry me when he grows up and he cried.
Note from Whitney: teach your child the important values of life that really matter. Don't get so caught up in the brand labels of clothing and shoes. That's stuff fades, character and values are traits that last a lifetime.


  1. Very inspiring insight from a young, mature, spiritual mother.

    1. Absolutely! She is a beautiful woman - inside & out!