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e l e v e n. 
With what has been the most trying month of our lives finally saying goodbye, I am able to sit down and really dedicate myself to some writing. What better way than with this little guy! 

Alexander is now 11 months old. 
11 months of feisty, determined, driven and focus. 
11 months and really testing limits, testing boundaries. 

I wouldn't change it. 
Some days are easier than others ( understatement). 
Other days I'm wondering why it's already after the first nap and why is time flying by so quickly. 

Nick has officially been deployed for a month and I've been doing this all solo for a little. 
I have to give major kudos to the moms and dads who raise children on their own. 
I bow down to you. Keep up the great work. 

The month of October is going to be a little more than special. 
Alexander turns 1 years old. ( i'm not ready). 
Nick and I will be celebrating 3 years of marriage - SAY WHAAAT! 
I am finally going to be normal and only be taking one class at a time * pelvic thrust* 
31 Days of October Blog is in the works! :) 
- stay tuned <3

Everything happens for a reason

So, last update I wrote about being really busy with planning a wedding for an undisclosed person.

Unfortunately, due to not seeing eye to eye and miscommunications about a contract - we will not be working together.

I see this as a wake up call. I was trying to do too much. I was stressed. I was worried. I would have ended up spending MORE than what I would have earned by having to drive an excess in miles, on little to no sleep over the course of a few days, put miles on my car for practically no income as I was going above and beyond just to prove to myself that I could.


Can you believe that? I was "let go" and I found relief.

Go figure.  God works in mysterious ways and he shows me that he does time and time again.

Soon after I received the e-mail.. I saw a bumper sticker that said "Keep Calm and Trust God"

Oh, do I ever.