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Alexander's First Birthday

It's official!

We have a One Year Old! 

I took the time to put together a timeline of his first year and every month of his precious little life and I KID YOU NOT, I was a mess. I had to stop a few times just because I was in tears. I cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by! 

This is his very first picture. My little blue berry of love. 

Friday was bitter sweet. He woke up in such a great mood, happy and hungry. We had the longest month ever with Nick being deployed, being sick for an entire month and several cries between the two of us. So for him to wake up and be healthy, happy and now a one year old - I was definitely in my feelings. 

I had made his birthday cake/smash cake the night before. 

And while he wasn't a fan - he dealt with me lol. 

We did his birthday party the very next day! We had such a great morning together and I will forever cherish those little giggles and running around.

A Baggie of Goodies to play with.
Dirt Cake. Cupcakes - Big thanks to Sara and Jesy Littlejohn for their baking skills!
Goldfish and Crayon Baggies ( because Elmo loves them).
I made Ziti, Pasta Salad, Chicken in the Crockpot, and Black Bean Dip.

His stats were adorable and due to some technical errors on my end, I wasn't able to print it in the size it was intended for. But it was absolutely perfect!

Thank you to  Melanie of CF Designed !
She was exceptional! Quick to respond, I received my product just as quickly as she said she would have it! I would DEFINITELY recommend Melanie!

Alexander's shirt was created beautifully by Donna from AuntieDonnas !
I purchased it and since I was so close to Alexanders birthday I had it rush ordered. To my pleasant and happy mama surprise, I received it 4 days after purchasing! It is absolutely perfect and Alexander looked so precious in it!  Another wonderful recommendation!

I was so overwhelmed with the love we received and were surrounded by on his birthday and I could not have been happier. I am humbled by the people we love and call family. 

Now for the one year old chronicles to begin! 

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  1. I love this sweet boy! And his mama did a GREAT job on his party!!