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Holidays + MOMS.

Lordy, lordy, lordy knows - holidays are definitely some of the best times spent with the ones you love making memories and cherishing time well spent. BUT they can also be some of the most stressful times for even the most prepared mamas.

I'll be heading up to New York City since Nick is still deployed + we're all coming together for Thanksgiving. Since I'm in the midst of doing all of this myself, I decided that I should probably share some really helpful hints, tips, and ideas to help mamas ALL over deal with the Holiday Stress.


I'll be traveling with two dogs, two cages, a stroller, a play yard, a suitcase for me and Xander, dog food, water bowl and dog food bowl, a diaper bag, toys and prozac.  You KNOW I need the sanity.

  • Create a packing list. Be wise about what you bring, how much of it and how you pack it. 
    • Your packing list should definitely have the basics - think of outfits that you can mix and match so you don't have 800 pieces of clothing and shoes all over the place. 
  • Start packing ahead of time - I decided the easiest thing to do was wash what I wanted to bring and fold it, right after I placed it RIGHT into my luggage. No need to put it away just to pull it back out. 
    • I start on a Sunday and have my bag in the car the night before I travel. 
  • Ziplock baggies - You'd be surprised at how convenient they are! I started using them on my last trip to NYC. I placed an outfit, socks, and the occasional bib for Alexander in a gallon sized Ziplock bag. If he got dirty, I took off the dirty, took out the clean, put on the clean and put away the dirty. Especially when we're out and about! L I F E S A V E R. 
  • When it comes to traveling, I like to give myself enough time. I don't want to feel rushed, or worry about ANYTHING other than getting to my destination. Nothing screams stress like a time limit. 

Oh, look. My life motto. Stress. I am a worrier. I am also a people pleaser. So I tend to say yes to absolutely everything.


  • Breathe. I'm still learning how to do this. 
  • Take 5 - 5 minutes, 5 deep breaths, 5 steps back, 5 seconds to close your eyes. Do it. 
  • Say No - you don't have to say yes to everything, it's okay if you don't see everyone you had planned to see during the holidays. You can make it up, time is a beautiful thing.. but its also not worth stressing over. 
  • Go for a walk - especially when stress becomes the norm. Alone time is sometimes the cure all. 

Whatever you do, don't count down the days. 


This one is a big one for me - I really loathe sitting in a messy or cluttered place. It feels funky and I really wish it wouldn't. So what do I do? A 15 minute clean. Three times a day. Excessive? Probably, but I feel better and I know that it's done. Then I don't have to worry about anything being around me, giving me anxiety over its messy little self not being in its perfect little spot. 

  • I'm going to sound like a crazy but I always have paper towels, lysol wipes, and purell. You can't go wrong. Oh, and Dreft spray. Bless it. 


My tolerance for people only goes so far! One of the biggest things I can say is that when you are feeling overwhelmed - the best thing to do is just WALK AWAY. 

This may sound rude but it prevents you for responding/replying and becoming THAT person. 

Whatever you do, make sure you take pictures, make memories and laugh! <3

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christmas  is coming!

Note: This is a sponsored post. As always all opinions are 100% mine and were not influenced in any way.

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