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Why so fast?

Alexander is 14 months old today! 

Let's have a look back to this day ONE YEAR AGO? 

Alexander at 2 months old

This kind of hurts. Like a little more than what I anticipated. But, this was within the last week?  Where does the time go? I remember this day - Nick was so very excited to be able to put him into this outfit. It was huge, and we were so surprised at how loose it was on him. And then, filling out the stats we realized we doubled his weight, added 2 inches and that he, our little guy, was ALREADY getting way too big way too fast.

And now? Let's fast forward to Christmas Day THIS YEAR.

  • Alexander walks and practically runs 
  • He says "no no no" "hi" "mama" "dada" 
  • He signs "more" "all done" "water" "eat" "sleep" and "milk" 
  • He answers the telephone 
  • Gives the best, sweetest, most perfect hugs 
  • Enjoys dancing and playing on his own 

I look back and can remember every single moment just from a few seconds of looking at the picture. It's crazy how a simple photograph can bring back so much.

And then it sets in. Just seeing how much time had passed between the two photos. How and WHY did a whole year that was full of memories, how we were able to look back and remember his first time crawling, first tooth sprouting, first steps, and first words!

I loved being able to experience these moments. I love being able to look back and remember.
I love that he's older, curious, creative, and driven.

How did a few blinks turn into a year!? Spunky, decisive one-year-old.

Please don't grow too fast. 

Groupon, Coupons, Savings, OH MY!

Note: This is a sponsored post. 
As always all opinions are 100% mine and were not influenced in any way. 

Stop! A few weeks ago I shared some amazing deals that could be found on Groupon. But, did you know that Groupon ALSO has coupons?

If you are looking to save any way that you can then Groupon Coupons is the way to go.  I love shopping from home, well... I love shopping period, but the fact that I can do it from the comfort of my own home and not have to lug the little guy everywhere is definitely a plus.


That's just TODAY! Groupon Coupons makes it easy - you can scroll through the 11,000+ stores or you can just type in your favorites and see what they have to offer! My choices? 

Retail Therapy, Date Night, and Cold Weather & Sick babies. Categorized JUST like that. 

Most of the time, I window shop. On overstock? I actually shop. Overstock is my go-to for furniture, rugs, decorations and knick knacks. In fact, we purchased our bed from Overstock and we couldn't have chosen a better place! My mind goes crazy when I check Groupon - free shipping, 70%, 50%, 10% - Rewards, Clearance, Discount, Deals, I COULD GO ON! With 62 coupons - you are literally in shopping heaven.

Alexander, Alexander, Alexander. When our favorite caregiver, who happens to be family and an AMAZING friend isn't available we go to .  Free searches let you find the caregiver you would feel most comfortable with. With Groupon - you can get 20% off their Exclusive Premium Membership. This allows you to share the information about the type of care you need, review profiles, purchase background checks, and even pay your caregiver. It's a must have for a little bit of sanity that goes a serious LONG way with your choice of any of the 14 coupons they offer!

I absolutely LOVE Peapod - seriously. Probably more than I should. Just today I was able to cuddle and not take Alexander out in this 25 degree weather that, with the winds I hear, make it 10 degrees. No thanks! My favorite parts?

  • I was able to "Browse the Aisles" without actually browsing the aisles
  • They accept coupons! So I don't have to sit there and pull out random coupons in the middle of the store. I can sit at my desk, work on my coupons, and bam! Shopping. 
  • When it comes to coupons, they get adjusted when you hand them over to the delivery man.
  • And speaking of that sweet soul, the gentleman actually brought the groceries ALL the way up to my kitchen and asked if I needed help unpacking my groceries! 
You seriously cannot go wrong! And that's JUST on Peapod - Groupon shares the following deals that literally make your day! 
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  • DOUBLING YOUR COUPONS -seriously, a coupon to double the coupons?! CA-CHING!
Seriously, they're steals! 

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So, now you know! Need to shop? Last minute Christmas shopper? Trying to get some new things for your home? Or, just shopping because? - Head over to Groupon Coupons  to get some of the best coupons they have. 

xo Sash

Family Time + Christmas Pictures

So, Nick surprised us for Thanksgiving - which was a blessing in disguise because I totally needed him to come home.

Being around family + having Nick home was perfect and we couldn't have had a better time up North for our Thanksgiving.

When we finally got back to Maryland - we had spent the next couple of days back getting situated, catching up and having some fun times.

I traveled down to DC to help a dear friend and made it back in time for our family pictures.  Jade Koetz of Jade Nikkole Photography is based here in Maryland but often travels to Minnesota to visit her home and family.

Talk about a sweet, dedicated, and loving person who absolutely LOVES what she does. She braved the cold with us to get our pictures done at Gaver Farm here in Maryland... Let's have a look!

Alexander + Mommy 

Alexander + Daddy

My Husband + I
Our Pride + Joy

Our Little Family

We make it a point to have pictures done at least once a year because so much changes and we want the memories. Besides, one of us is ALWAYS missing! ;)

New Year - New Mom

I have an incredible opportunity for all of you! 

Some days are harder than others. Sometimes we feel like we could do more and others we are totally in control of our days.

I know that there are days where I feel like I owe Alexander more than what I can give.
Some days I don't even know what I'm doing, and that is totally okay!

Shela Yount from I Answer To Mom has developed a 30 Day Course to being the better mom you'd like to be! Five modules help you learn about the type of mom you are,  how to be and have a positive household, choosing your battles and SO much more!

You do NOT want to miss out on this offer! Until tomorrow you have a chance to get 25% off your entire purchase!  Click THIS  link to receive 25% off your entire purchase!

I know I cannot WAIT to take this course. I have been waiting for something like this! I've already signed up! LETS DO IT TOGETHER!