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Family Time + Christmas Pictures

So, Nick surprised us for Thanksgiving - which was a blessing in disguise because I totally needed him to come home.

Being around family + having Nick home was perfect and we couldn't have had a better time up North for our Thanksgiving.

When we finally got back to Maryland - we had spent the next couple of days back getting situated, catching up and having some fun times.

I traveled down to DC to help a dear friend and made it back in time for our family pictures.  Jade Koetz of Jade Nikkole Photography is based here in Maryland but often travels to Minnesota to visit her home and family.

Talk about a sweet, dedicated, and loving person who absolutely LOVES what she does. She braved the cold with us to get our pictures done at Gaver Farm here in Maryland... Let's have a look!

Alexander + Mommy 

Alexander + Daddy

My Husband + I
Our Pride + Joy

Our Little Family

We make it a point to have pictures done at least once a year because so much changes and we want the memories. Besides, one of us is ALWAYS missing! ;)

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