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Why so fast?

Alexander is 14 months old today! 

Let's have a look back to this day ONE YEAR AGO? 

Alexander at 2 months old

This kind of hurts. Like a little more than what I anticipated. But, this was within the last week?  Where does the time go? I remember this day - Nick was so very excited to be able to put him into this outfit. It was huge, and we were so surprised at how loose it was on him. And then, filling out the stats we realized we doubled his weight, added 2 inches and that he, our little guy, was ALREADY getting way too big way too fast.

And now? Let's fast forward to Christmas Day THIS YEAR.

  • Alexander walks and practically runs 
  • He says "no no no" "hi" "mama" "dada" 
  • He signs "more" "all done" "water" "eat" "sleep" and "milk" 
  • He answers the telephone 
  • Gives the best, sweetest, most perfect hugs 
  • Enjoys dancing and playing on his own 

I look back and can remember every single moment just from a few seconds of looking at the picture. It's crazy how a simple photograph can bring back so much.

And then it sets in. Just seeing how much time had passed between the two photos. How and WHY did a whole year that was full of memories, how we were able to look back and remember his first time crawling, first tooth sprouting, first steps, and first words!

I loved being able to experience these moments. I love being able to look back and remember.
I love that he's older, curious, creative, and driven.

How did a few blinks turn into a year!? Spunky, decisive one-year-old.

Please don't grow too fast. 

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