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September + Five Facts Friday

Oh. My. Goodness! 
How does time fly so fast yet seem to go by so slowly?  I feel like we were just welcoming August. But I've said that it's been super busy so I really shouldn't be surprised. 

This month should be fun and I can't wait for it. After a really, really hot + uncomfortable summer, I am ready for some cool, comfy, sweater weather. 

Today I'm participating in Fun Fact Friday because I've had this blog for almost two years and have yet to do it. So, here we go! 

This is me. I'm Sasha. 28, married + mom of 1 due with #2 this November. 

I have two tattoos, one on my hip/stomach area thing from a rough day it's a butterfly trailed by stars + another from last summer as a birthday gift. It's a picture of a mother holding her child + has Alexanders initials + his birthdate. I can't wait to add 2.0's name + birthdate. ( lol, I ALMOST wrote his name here! haha. )  Tattoos don't hurt nearly as much as cramps. 

I love books but I haven't picked up a book in a while because I am chasing a very active toddler BUT I have a ton of books that are on my MUST read list! Have a suggestion? Comment below! I LOVE making a bucket list of books to read. :) 

I forget, a lot. Like more than I should .. more than anyone ever should. Blame it on always wanting to get things done and overoading my workload with things to do, lists, and goals. But I seriously forget EVERYTHING. Bare with me, I'm human. 

Lastly, I wear my heart on my sleeve and my attitude on my face. Literally and Always.
I fall victim to cheesy Facebook videos in other languages, I cry when I'm frustrated, happy, angry, and/or sad. You can always tell when I feel down or when I'm not myself or something is bothering me. In the same respect, I have no filter when it comes to what my face says when I'm thinking. You'll know if I don't like something, a situation, or a person. I can't help it and I won't apologize for it.

That last one makes me look mean.. so let me perk it up a bit. 

I am a huge advocate for mommy positivity + speaking out about Post Partum Depression + Anxiety. After having my first, Alexander, I found that I just wasn't myself. As much as I tried to deny it and said that I knew the signs, deep down I knew. The more I said it, the more I spoke about it the more other moms came forward and started speaking about their experience. My fight is far from over - I take medication, I receive counseling, I speak about it openly and willingly to anyone who asks. With that said.. 

There is NOTHING wrong with having PPD/PPA + if you ever, ever, EVER need to talk please reach out to me. 

This is our party of three with our fourth partner on his way. I am OUTNUMBERED as of November. 

Seriously.. even my dogs are boys.

27 weeks + 22 months .. + a life update.

It has been HECTIC. 

July who? It literally came, said hi for  like a quick second + left. It's almost like it was ripping a bandaid off it was so quick. I honestly sat here for a few minutes trying to figure it out and couldn't figure out what we did in July AT ALL.

Well, we traveled (super last minute + rushed) up to NYC for my birthday weekend because my grandma fell in the middle of the street. Luckily, she walked away with a broken nose and some serious scratches + scrapes but she was a trooper.

This month has been one full of a few different experiences. 

I turned 28 that weekend + had gotten to 24 weeks/ 6 months of this pregnancy. 2.0 is kicking my whole booty. And now that I wrote that, I remembered that we had a pretty crazy beginning of July because 2.0 confused his many doctors which in turn stressed mommy, daddy + their loves ones out.

But that is a story for another day. He's happy, healthy + growing. That is ALL that matters.

Alexander rode on a pony for the first time ever. Mommy had to trail after him like the goofy, pregnant woman she is.

Mom shaved off all of my hair. Well. no. Aunt Jesy and Aunt Sara shaved off my  hair while Mom cried in the next room. Here's to hair growing in the right way.. we hope lol. He was looking all kinds of crazy.

Mommy volunteered a lot and I got spend a lot of time outside.

We transitioned to a big boy bed (a k a, get him used to not sleeping in a crib and sleep on the floor next to his mattress at night). And, in turn, now we wake up anywhere between 6-7 am.

We take our diaper off ALL THE TIME but the thought of potty training literally has Alexander chucking his potty across the bathroom. So. Yeah.

We got our first bee sting and LUCKILY didn't have an allergic reaction like daddy does.


 We have reached over 2 months of deployment (even though it feels like much, much, MUCH longer). 

That's it for us on this end. We are so excited for Fall to be here.

five things i've learned from my second pregnancy, so far...

I knew becoming pregnant would be different this time around, I mean no child is the same so we would anticipate a pregnancy following suit, right?

1 -- You will be tired like no other.  Unlike your first pregnancy, you are more than likely still dealing with an infant, chasing around a toddler, prying yourself away from a preschooler or playing taxi to your child's crazy number of extracurriculars.It doesn't matter how much sleep you think you may have gotten or what you think is enough - you. will. be tired.

If someone would have told me my second would make me hate my favorite coffee or that my 19 month old would start his terrible two's 6 months early - I would have laughed. Who was I kidding? S O S.

2 -- You will always be running late. When I was pregnant with Alexander I was working full time + working extra hours, attending events, being a wife, trekking from doctor appointment to doctor appointment, working on little sleep and I was ALWAYS on time because well.. I don't really know why. This time? I have, at four and half months pregnant, realized that I will be late to my own funeral. It's a fact. I have given up trying to leave at a specific time. If I haven't left a half hour before I'm supposed to be somewhere, it's literally a known fact I will be at least 10-15 minutes late.

And you better not give me shit for it either.

3 --You need to take care of yourself too. I was so used to Alexander just needing me and making sure that I was doing everything I could so that he was comfy, fed, happy + healthy that I wasn't realizing I was literally depriving myself. Until I found out I was pregnant, then I realized that if I don't sleep, eat, or drink water I am literally going to fall prey to this beautiful thing called Life. If you don't take care for yourself, no one else can. So I started making a food log and a water log of everything I ate using MyFitnessPal so that I was SURE I was making and taking the time to feed my needs + beanie's needs.

4 -- Be prepared for anything and everything. When I was pregnant with Alexander,  I was high risk and he wasn't growing, also known as IUGR [ Intrauterine Growth Restriction. ] I thought it was simply because his umbilical cord had inserted in the wrong part of my placenta. I figured that since I was already showing and I wasn't bleeding like I did with Alexander - that I was in the clear.

Unfortunately, I was blindsided upon receiving my results that I was not only carrying another IUGR baby [ no shame, Xander is tiny + mighty - peanut will be just the same ] but that I have poor placental perfusion and was started on aspirin til 36 weeks. Basically meaning my body just doesn't create a healthy placenta + does not provide all that it should during pregnancy.

So, yet again, high risk. But He is good and He will not leave me stranded. I know this and I trust in Him to lead my doctors in the right direction.

and, lastly.

5 -- I am unprepared to love another child the way I love Alexander + it frightens me. I love being pregnant again. I love that we are blessed yet again with another baby and are adding a little boy to our lives. But I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about how the transition from a family of three to a family of four will be. How do you love someone so much? How are you able to share your heart that already beats so strongly and breathtakingly for one between two itty, bitty souls? Is it even possible?

I was soothed. Upon seeing wiggle worm #2, when I heard his heartbeat + when I finally felt him kick for the first time ever so sweetly. I'm sure, as time goes by I will definitely understand how and why and what it means to literally love with every single fiber of your being for more than one child.

And I cannot wait.

love always, 

n u m b e r t w o.

You are precious. 
and, we love you. 

We've known about you. Since I was 4 weeks pregnant to be exact. We found ourselves eagerly awaiting our ultrasound and 4-6 weeks took FOREVER. So when we had the chance to see you the same day we confirmed you were here we were ECSTATIC. 

Fast forward to 12 weeks, and we had all of our screening, first trimester tests, and the second ultrasound. You brought tears to my eyes, Xander didn't understand, and Daddy was CONVINCED you were a boy. You were so wiggly but, lo and behold, Daddy was right! She was 98% sure you were a boy. 

A few minutes later, the doctor came in and told us we were back to being high risk. My heart sunk. I I remember being so worried about your brother that I was really hoping you would beat the odds we had against us. I really wanted this to be a bit different, less stressful + so, to wait for the anatomy scan in about 6 weeks.
I will say though - the best thing was watching you move and just knowing it would all be okay! 

f a s t f o r w a r d. 

19 weeks 2 days. Our anatomy scan.  We had already had all of our super big tests, and everything pointed to another healthy + happy baby. So you pop up on the screen + I fall in love. You have gotten so big + so much more wiggly! Aunts Jesy + Sara were with us + so was your Brother.

I am such a worry wart that every time she took measurements my face was practically on that screen.
+ here's what we saw.

♡ You are DEFINITELY a boy.
♡ You DEFINITELY look like your big brother.
♡ You are stubborn, like all of us - mommy mostly ;)

Everything looks great baby boy! We are lucky and happy to report that 2.0 is growing ON TARGET which, as of right now, means that IUGR isn't entirely present with 2.0 + this is good news! This also means I don't have to return, as of now, at 28 weeks for a follow-up ... unless between now + our 3rd trimester you decide to be just a tad more stubborn + make us go in ;).

+ now, for an awesome picture ♡
peace sign never looked so awesome ;) 
I love you bunches already, we all do. 

love always, 

Alexander | 20 Months!


 Alexander Alcides, 20 Months Old. 

Why does time literally fly? 
How is this possible? 
Let's look at this little guy's stats: 
~ 2 ft. 6 inches 
~ 21.5 lbs 

I have all, but my 2-year molars + I am definitely working on them. 
* with the attitude to match *

♡     Favorite Songs: Old McDonald Had a Farm + You are My Sunshine    ♡
♡     Favorite Food: Hot Dogs, French Fries, Pizza, Pasta, Bananas, Apples+ Mangos    ♡
♡     Favorite Toys: Trucks + any kind of ball    ♡
♡     Favorite things to do: make a mess, play in the park, go to the pool    ♡
♡     Favorite Book: Whatever you are willing to read to him  ♡
♡     Favorite Show: Paw Patrol, Sesame Street & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ♡
♡ How many words do I know? : TOO MANY, we practically have conversations now ♡

Let's take a look at today, one-year ago.. shall we? 

If you're not aching with me, then I don't know what's wrong with you. It's so hard to believe that something so precious has grown so much. I came across a 6-month sweater that fit him when he was 8-months, and I was practically in tears. Can we just freeze time a little more? 


love always, 

Family Photos + Pregnancy/Gender Reveal

It's Monday!

After a long week and a beautiful, sunny weekend I had the wonderful surprise of receiving our family + maternity photos. 


Chanel, from Chanel Photography, is a GODSEND. I met her on Facebook just this year and have used her wonderful services twice. She is so passionate and loving about what she does and her talent is honestly unmatched. 

Seriously, if you're ever in the Maryland area CONTACT HER! 
You can also find her on Facebook

Okie, onto the good stuff -- am I right?

My favorite, ♡


I mean, seriously, is this not his face ALL THE TIME! 


Fathers Day Pictures ♡



I was definitely feeling some type of way + was needing love. ♡

 and finally, the bump. ♡

love always, 

Why, hello there gorgeous!

It's been quite some time since we last saw each other. You never know how much time passes by until you finally sit down and take the time to look.

Life has been C R A Z Y - to say the least. We have been non-stop go since March and things are finally slowing down ... somewhat.
Here are the top five moments that have made 2017 ah-may-zing.

I finally finished my Masters on February 27, 2017 at 11:55pm.  I finished that last class with a 4.0 which gave me a GPA of 3.92 + I was inducted into the Golden Key International Honor Society and was in the top 15% of my class - while raising a peanut with my husband deployed.
It IS do-able mamas. 

r e l i e v e d || ♡

Alexander started using sentences + was such a hot shot at his 18 month wellness check. He knew over 60 words + phrases in English + Spanish, on top of what he knows in sign language. 

h a p p y || ♡

Nick started his last set of classes to graduate with his Bachelors Degree THIS coming weekend! 
I am so proud of this man.

i n l o v e || ♡


We traveled to California last month for our first trip as a family e v e r! 
I finally walked across stage to receive my diploma + we had so much fun visting different parts of San Diego, seeing friends + even traveling to Disneyland for a whole day. 
Talk about jam packed! 

p r o u d ||♡


We are expecting a precious little bouncing baby boy this coming November. Exactly two weeks after Alexander's due date.  We are, yet again, high risk again and will more than likely not meet our due date due to the same reasons we hadn't gotten to our due date with Alexander. 
We'll have more on that later - we are SO excited, excited, blessed, and overjoyed with our little addition + cannot wait for him to be here.

b o y m a m a || ♡


Also, can we just take a moment to marvel at this beautiful new layout by Bard Jeda at  BloggerTemplate . I had such a wonderful experience and look forward to continuing to work with them. ♡

love always, 

did you really just say that?

I try really hard to be a nice person. Not that I'm not already, it's more of just remembering that some things are better left unsaid + the old adage - if you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all. 

Becoming a mom both tamed my tongue but also brought forward the most ridiculous comments/questions I've ever heard. Sometimes I just look at people with RBF. Others I am nicer + just respond. Let's see: 

"you know he needs a sibling soon, right?"
Oh, really? I just thought that I could get him a popsicle stick + he'd be happy. 

"are you trying for number two yet?" 
meh. we're skipping 2 and getting 5. thanks for asking. 

"when are you trying for the next one?" 
When the first sun meets the eighth moon under the stars of Andromeda and the Star Spangled Banner. 

"are you trying for a girl?"
Nope. A pterodactyl actually. We think it will add to our dynamic as a family. 
What do you say? 

"what are you?"
I'm part alien, 1/3 t-rex, 22% whale +.75 seagull. 

"No, I mean like, where are you from?" 
Well, shit. We're going there, aren't we... 
We'll part of me came from my dad... the other part from my mom. But since we're getting technical, my mom's vagina  (sorry mom) is where I came from. Whaddya know?!

"are you afraid that since you're staying home with him, he won't know how to behave with other people/children?"
First of all, thank you for questioning my parenting. You can't get anything friendlier than that. You da best. And no, I'm actually really excited for Xander to charge into people like he's a rhinoceros we've been practicing for months now. 

"you know you're going to miss this age right?" 
No way! I actually didn't know that. 

"does he sleep through the night?"
Nope. He Glides, Gracefully. 

"Oh but he's so tiny for his age? hopefully, he has a growth spurt." 
"there's no way he's 16 months old, he's too small." 
"Oh, I thought he was younger than that! He's so tiny." 

Fuck, you caught me. I'm teaching him how to lie about his age so he can be the shortest and youngest of his classes and graduate college at 6. 
Completely disregard the fact that I'm quite literally only 30 inches taller than my 16 month old. 

"Do you feed him?" 
Nope. We're teaching him self-sufficiency - unless he finds it, he's not eating. 
Literally, a joke... of course I feed my child. 

"Did you even try to breastfeed him?"
I stopped responding to these. 

Finally, my favorite.. that I, too, was guilty of until I became a parent. 


In retrospect, I knew my intentions were well-meaning just like those who tell new parents of a screaming mandrake. But if I knew what I knew today, I'd judo chop myself in the throat for being such an asshole. 

It's hard to enjoy them ALL the time. There is no such thing. They are truly the most testing obstacle an adult with go through. From the lack of sleep to the constant wakings, to opening up the fourth food pouch because he wants that one only for him to not eat it. They will scream for a reason and scream six times harder for no reason. They will scale the wall unit and scream for help because well, they can't get the fuck down and how dare you not tell them for the 8th time that they just can't do that. 

That is NOT to say I don't enjoy motherhood. It is my biggest accomplishment. It is what I've dreamed of doing, and I will NEVER take it for granted but for the love of all that is holy... it is NOT easy, and it isn't something to enjoy every second of. 

What are some of the things you've heard as a parent? 

A Mom's Night In

Having a child worried me. I was afraid to lose my self-pampering sessions at night. Before I got pregnant my nighttime unwind routine was essential. I hardly ever strayed. All I wanted to do was come home, cook a healthy dinner, take off my bra, and enjoy a nice hot bubble bath with a glass of wine, a book, and a good face mask.
I continued my bath routine throughout the entire pregnancy. After I had her, when they told me I wasn't allowed in a bath for 6 weeks, I wanted to scream. So instead for those 6 weeks, I researched the best products to create the most luxurious nighttime routine on a budget while raising a newborn. I finally found the key! My key products are affordable and make me feel like a princess. Mommas' deserve some pampering too. After all, we aren't just endless feeding machines.
1. My favorite cleansing oil: Burts Bees Facial Cleansing Oil: 15.99 at Target and often on sale using cartwheel and manufacturers coupons!
 Using a cleansing oil has kept my face moisturized and pimple free. I love that the cleansing oil goes on my skin with all the makeup, no prior washing needed! For me removing a simple step such as wetting my face before a cleanser gives me a few extra moments soaking in a hot bath.

2. My favorite mask: L'Oreal Paris Detox & Brighten Pure-Clay Mask: 7.99 at Target and often on sale with coupons! 
This mask is perfect. You place the cold clay on your face and wait about 15 minutes for it to dry. When the mask dries completely, it makes it hard to talk which is highly entertaining for me. I often place this mask on right before I jump into my luxurious bath.

3. Bath bombs: Lush

For anyone who knows me, a bath is not complete without a Lush bath bomb. I never use the entire one, though. Instead, I break them up into pieces and by doing this one bomb can last up to 5 baths! I love all their bath bombs and usually just choose them based on their smell!

My one recommendation to ensuring that your mom night in is enjoyable is to make sure that your little one is taken care of our occupied for 20-30 minutes. My significant other knows that I need this time to myself, so he will often read to little Harley while I enjoy my peace. 

Momma's always remember you are beautiful and loved. And to be the best version of yourself, sometimes we have to take a little time to enjoy ourselves without the little one present.

Who Is Stephanie?

Hello, my name is Stephanie. I am a 23-year-old new mommy and a full-time nursing student! Harley was born on November 30th, 2016 and, boy,has she taught us a lot about life. We have struggled with colic and are hopefully outgrowing it soon! Being a mother has been more than I could ever ask for. I am so excited to watch her grow and thrive. Being a mom has taught me to enjoy each little moment and to simplify my life and slow down. This blog has been a way for me to document my trials of conquering motherhood, nursing school, and being a good significant other!

7 Charming Sisters

Alright mamas, Let's talk jewelry! 
As a mom, it's hard to find pieces that won't break, get lost or get tangled up. This usually means wearing nothing or just rings, if that? Am I right? 
I'm also not much of a jewelry person, BUT when 7 Charming Sisters reached out to me about their pieces, I was head over heels.  I love simple, stunning pieces that make outfits and make you FEEL as beautiful as they are. 
I took the time to check out their website and even took their "style quiz" to see what pieces would best suit my personality. 7 Charming Sisters has questions that collect the pieces into a group based on the result of your quiz! If that isn't perfect, I don't know what is. I had such a hard time finding pieces that I liked because I literally wanted all of them. 

Paula, the elegant Classy Chick
Kim, the vivacious Life of the Party 
Jennifer, the dedicated Fashionista
Donalda, the flirtatious Social Butterfly
Jessica, the Smart and Sexy Nerd
Kimberly, the cute Girl Next Door 
Melissa, the sporty Super Mom

7 styles. 7 creators. 7 beautiful women who take the time to craft gorgeous pieces of jewelry that fit the descriptions to. a. T! 
I took the quiz twice because I had two answers for each of them! (Because I would be the complicated one!) 

I was really surprised at first because let's be honest, me leaving my house is something that just doesn't really happen unless I absolutely have to! These collections are absolutely STUNNING.  I had to choose which prod

Can we just take a moment to marvel at this? I mean really, look at it. If this isn't the piece that you can wear with practically anything, I do not know what is! 

I couldn't help but take photos of them alone because they are just THAT stunning. They deserved the limelight - don't you agree? 

Talk about being fully functional! Mom types like me are literally falling head over heels for how practical, simple (or grandiose, if that's what you like) and perfect for every day no matter what you are doing! 

I am a huge supporter of small business, and I absolutely adore handmade items. But philanthropy and guidance are two attributes to a company that fills my heart & makes it absolutely burst with love. 7 Charming Sisters has 7 beautiful, strong, driven women at the forefront BUT for the last 10 to 15 years they have found a deep love and commitment to working with adults who have disabilities. 

As an educator, someone who has sought out to be an advocate to this demographic I was overwhelmed with love and pride to be able to work with such a fantastic company. Many of their beautiful pieces are handcrafted by those with intellectual disabilities. 

So head on over + take the sister quiz or just look at their catalog, or read all about them!

You will NOT be disappointed! 

Thank you 7 Charming Sisters for Sponsoring this post! 

Hello, March

How are we already on March 1st? 
Why does it feel like time is flying? 

Things have been pretty hectic over in our household in the last few weeks. Where should I even begin? 

Well, my parents sold our first home. So those emotions are still sorting themselves out. 

We were hit with "the bug" - it literally cycled through Xander, Nick, Me, Dad, Two Sisters, Best Friend Jesy +; Best Friend Haneen. NEVER AGAIN. 

As of February 27 at 3pm I am finally finished with my Masters Degree. Hello, MA.Ed in Early Childhood Education. 

Alexander is 16 months old as of yesterday. He's chatty, silly, adventurous, +; so loving. 
a.k.a Mommy is screwed. 

Yesterday also marks my official sign up to graduate May 21st in San Diego. Our trip is booked, hotel booked, car booked, friends contacted +; now I've purchased my Cap +; Gown! Lastly, with the hold graduation speel, I was notified that I was invited to be a part of the International Golden Key Honor Society for my grades - All A's but 1 +; still waiting on my last class to update grades. * cue tears *

Nick also started the first day of his last class at the Bachelor level. 

Today starts the beginning of Lent. 
The last few years have been a blur and not being able to attend church or even knowing where to go.  So this year, since my word is intentional, I intend to do the following for Lent. 
  1. I plan on attending Mass at least 2 times a month - with a toddler who doesn't understand what is going on I believe that's the best way to approach it. Start small and grow. 
  2. I plan on giving up the words "I give up" - this applies to every aspect of my life. 
  3. I plan on becoming a more active and intentional parent - being attentive and creative. 
  4. I plan on praying more. I remember the sanity, peace, and traquility. I need that back. 
  5. I plan on making it a point to read at least one book a month. 
  6. I plan on paying more attention to myself, my marriage, and my family. Because. 
These are not only my goals for Lent but my goals for March and the following months. It's time to be proactive. No I didn't need Lent to do it - but it's a pretty good seg way to starting, don't you think? 

What are your March Goals? 

He owns my soul.

One Year Ago Today. 

If you would have told me that a video or picture would still make me cry and be overwhelmed with love I would have told you-you were lying. 

When people warned me that becoming a parent would soften me up, I boldly told them no. 
When people advised me that I would be a different person, with different goals, thoughts and all, I said: "Yeah, okay."

This was my one year ago, today. 

Now that I've cried for the 5th time watching that video and, if you've watched Alexander grow with us, you're crying too. Then let's gather ourselves, shall we? 

Becoming a parent was one the best things that could have happened to me. You're probably sitting there saying, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's what everyone says, you're not saying anything new. 

I'll tell you why. 

See, the day I found out we were expecting a little one of our own I couldn't stop smiling. Just a few hours before I had purchased an insanely large ping pong table for Nick when I realized I had yet to have FLO come and stay for a visit. I quickly erased the thought and said "meh." 

The longer I let that idea sit in the back of my head, the longer I felt compelled to take a test. I was freakin' nervous and rightfully so? I mean if it were true - then we were about to embark on a new journey. If not? Then I spent at least $15 to pee on a stick. 

Along with that, was the realization that I was 4 weeks pregnant. 
And that I just spent x amount on a ping pong table. lol. 

Fast forward to this very day, February 1, 2016. 

Alexander was never a great sleeper. We coslept because I was exhausted, he was cluster feeding, and I was overwhelmed. I needed him to sleep because I had JUST started school and I just wanted to sit down and get work done. 

Throughout this entire journey - Nick, my husband, has been a beacon of hope. Here was, again, another flashback to one year ago today. Surviving the first few months of parenthood. 

We were both tired, both frustrated, overly stimulated and just trying to make it through. 
If only we had known what the next year would look like 
* cue happy, exhausted tears of sleep and joy* 

Heart Eyes over JORD Wood Watches + a Giveaway!

So I fell in love with JORD watches after seeing them pop up on my social media feeds every single time. I can't decide if I like the Men's Watches or the Women's Watches more. They are each equally stunning, equally perfect, literally causing heart eyes with each click of the mouse. 

Nick is really hard to buy for sometimes so Christmas was planned out literally MONTHS in advanced. Since I was well into purchasing things for Christmas when JORD started showing up I knew this was the perfect gift for Valentines Day.  

I mean how could I not know? 
Each watch is beautifully made, handcrafted and literally timeless.
side note; I had to steal the watch to get this picture. 
So.. It was supposed to be for Valentines Day, but I was way too excited and ended up giving it to him almost a month before! Whoops! Can you blame me? Look at how beautiful this watch is! I saw it and just KNEW it was going to be the perfect watch for Nick. I mean seriously. He's hard to shop for as it is but when I saw this Conway Kosso and Midnight Blue  I couldn't help but choose the perfect watch.
Ps; I stole it for this one too!

See, for us, we like to give gifts and share our love with what meaningful and lasting to us. He has so many watches and has yet to take this one off! Why? Because it's the first watch I've ever given him, it's his favorite color blue, and it's something from both Alexander and me. I couldn't think of a better gift than that of physical time - we're so big on spending our time with Alexander that we forget to give ourselves some. 

Here he is unveiling his early Valentines Day Gift!

Now on to my favorite part! I loved Nick's watch SO much that I get to share that love with all of you! Head HERE to enter for a chance to win $100! Everyone who enters gets an awesome $25 credit to the shop - Yes. You read that right! You are a winner regardless! 

This contest ends on February 12, 2017, at 11:59 pm EST

So go on over, enter the giveaway and come back to tell me which one or ones * wink * are your absolute favorite! I literally have a list;  so don't be ashamed - SHARE ALL THE LOVE. 

No clue where to start? That's okay - I definitely spent w a y too much time (haha, get it) looking at these watches and pinning them! Check it out on my Pinterest!

Literally wears it allllll the time now. 
Look at that SMILE! 

You can visit the JORD website here, on their Instagram here, their Facebook here, their Twitter here & their pinterest here.  

Seriously, could they be any cuter together! 

This post was sponsored by JORD but all thoughts, as always, are my own.