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The Littles

My scarf created by +Brandi Little from Little Stitches by Brandi Little

Happy New Year Everyone! 

I walked into 2017 with some serious mojo, and I am so glad I am back after a hiatus for sanity. 

2016 was full of a lot for us here in the Ticali Household (Tih-Cah-Lee), and we definitely had some gains but also some losses. 

One thing I did gain, and I thank the Lord above for her EVERY DAY, is my friendship with Brandi. We had been following each other for quite some time in the social realms of life and interacted a handful of times. Then, she announced her pregnancy, and I swooned at how perfect she was. 

Then I swooned at her love for God and Her Husband. 

But mostly, I was ( and still am) in complete awe at the type of friend she is, the mother she is and the PERSON, SOUL, and BEING that she is. 

They say people walk out of your life for a reason and God brings in the right ones and by golly He is spot on. 

Since having our littles, Brandi and I have gotten MUCH closer. We speak practically every day, we laugh at silly stuff and try to trade off our kids to one another. We soothe bad days and cheer on milestones and victories. 

Brandi and Kyle - are BEYOND talented. They literally have more talent than I do in my 27 years of life combined because I literally tried to crochet ONCE. Never again. And So help the world if I ever try to do what Kyle does.  Lets keep me, woodwork and sharp things far away from one another. K? K. 

Much like the piece above, Brandi has created some amazing STAPLE items that I have purchased, loved, swooned over and adored. 
Pink Snowfall
Headband of Love
Cozy on Up with Harry Potter (seriously, could this be ANYMORE PERFECT)

Flower Cozies - TO DIE FOR. I have her one of her cozies. I LOVE IT.
And, most recently - she stunned the Facebook & Instagram world with this new little number of LOVE. 

Snowy Sparkle

And no. Before you ask. I didn't forget about Kyle! Can we just take a look at the beautiful things this man MAKES BY HAND?  This perfect little shop makes me feel like I have to redecorate my ENTIRE HOME just to have a trillion of these all over. 
Rustic Mountain Shelf
Rustic Triangle Shelf
Again, seriously rethinking my ENTIRE home now. 

Wooden Delta Phone Stand

Seriously!? This is GENIUS!

And lastly - this one should just be a staple in everyone's home.  Why?  If you took the time to leave a simple note for your loved one - their day, your day, your life would be that much more simple, meaningful and full of love. This item, is seriously, probably my favorite. Actually, most likely. Because of its simplicity, its craftmanship, and its purpose. 

 Before I go, I wanted to share some beautiful, heart felt and profound words shared by the shop owners of Little Lumber Co. & Little Stitches by Brandi Little. It takes a lot to jump out onto the world, share something so personal and vulnerable and still be the sweetest, kindest, most loving and generous being alive. 

When you shop small, you aren't giving to a big corporation or paying someone's vacation. 
When you shop small, you aren't supporting mass production. 

When you shop small, you are giving a family, a shop owner, a lover of creating - the opportunity to buy supplies, the time to create, the time to share and their means to live and continue doing what they do. 

So, with Valentines Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, and just because's coming up. 
Get something you KNOW will be made from love, hard work, dedication and the true joy of small business. 


  1. Oh my gosh. I LOVE that coffee cup sleeve! It's so cute!

  2. These are so cute and your friendship is inspiring. I too value my close friends and im so thankful that they're around to support me and for me to support them.