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7 Charming Sisters

Alright mamas, Let's talk jewelry! 
As a mom, it's hard to find pieces that won't break, get lost or get tangled up. This usually means wearing nothing or just rings, if that? Am I right? 
I'm also not much of a jewelry person, BUT when 7 Charming Sisters reached out to me about their pieces, I was head over heels.  I love simple, stunning pieces that make outfits and make you FEEL as beautiful as they are. 
I took the time to check out their website and even took their "style quiz" to see what pieces would best suit my personality. 7 Charming Sisters has questions that collect the pieces into a group based on the result of your quiz! If that isn't perfect, I don't know what is. I had such a hard time finding pieces that I liked because I literally wanted all of them. 

Paula, the elegant Classy Chick
Kim, the vivacious Life of the Party 
Jennifer, the dedicated Fashionista
Donalda, the flirtatious Social Butterfly
Jessica, the Smart and Sexy Nerd
Kimberly, the cute Girl Next Door 
Melissa, the sporty Super Mom

7 styles. 7 creators. 7 beautiful women who take the time to craft gorgeous pieces of jewelry that fit the descriptions to. a. T! 
I took the quiz twice because I had two answers for each of them! (Because I would be the complicated one!) 

I was really surprised at first because let's be honest, me leaving my house is something that just doesn't really happen unless I absolutely have to! These collections are absolutely STUNNING.  I had to choose which prod

Can we just take a moment to marvel at this? I mean really, look at it. If this isn't the piece that you can wear with practically anything, I do not know what is! 

I couldn't help but take photos of them alone because they are just THAT stunning. They deserved the limelight - don't you agree? 

Talk about being fully functional! Mom types like me are literally falling head over heels for how practical, simple (or grandiose, if that's what you like) and perfect for every day no matter what you are doing! 

I am a huge supporter of small business, and I absolutely adore handmade items. But philanthropy and guidance are two attributes to a company that fills my heart & makes it absolutely burst with love. 7 Charming Sisters has 7 beautiful, strong, driven women at the forefront BUT for the last 10 to 15 years they have found a deep love and commitment to working with adults who have disabilities. 

As an educator, someone who has sought out to be an advocate to this demographic I was overwhelmed with love and pride to be able to work with such a fantastic company. Many of their beautiful pieces are handcrafted by those with intellectual disabilities. 

So head on over + take the sister quiz or just look at their catalog, or read all about them!

You will NOT be disappointed! 

Thank you 7 Charming Sisters for Sponsoring this post! 

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