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Hello, March

How are we already on March 1st? 
Why does it feel like time is flying? 

Things have been pretty hectic over in our household in the last few weeks. Where should I even begin? 

Well, my parents sold our first home. So those emotions are still sorting themselves out. 

We were hit with "the bug" - it literally cycled through Xander, Nick, Me, Dad, Two Sisters, Best Friend Jesy +; Best Friend Haneen. NEVER AGAIN. 

As of February 27 at 3pm I am finally finished with my Masters Degree. Hello, MA.Ed in Early Childhood Education. 

Alexander is 16 months old as of yesterday. He's chatty, silly, adventurous, +; so loving. 
a.k.a Mommy is screwed. 

Yesterday also marks my official sign up to graduate May 21st in San Diego. Our trip is booked, hotel booked, car booked, friends contacted +; now I've purchased my Cap +; Gown! Lastly, with the hold graduation speel, I was notified that I was invited to be a part of the International Golden Key Honor Society for my grades - All A's but 1 +; still waiting on my last class to update grades. * cue tears *

Nick also started the first day of his last class at the Bachelor level. 

Today starts the beginning of Lent. 
The last few years have been a blur and not being able to attend church or even knowing where to go.  So this year, since my word is intentional, I intend to do the following for Lent. 
  1. I plan on attending Mass at least 2 times a month - with a toddler who doesn't understand what is going on I believe that's the best way to approach it. Start small and grow. 
  2. I plan on giving up the words "I give up" - this applies to every aspect of my life. 
  3. I plan on becoming a more active and intentional parent - being attentive and creative. 
  4. I plan on praying more. I remember the sanity, peace, and traquility. I need that back. 
  5. I plan on making it a point to read at least one book a month. 
  6. I plan on paying more attention to myself, my marriage, and my family. Because. 
These are not only my goals for Lent but my goals for March and the following months. It's time to be proactive. No I didn't need Lent to do it - but it's a pretty good seg way to starting, don't you think? 

What are your March Goals? 

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