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Alexander | 20 Months!


 Alexander Alcides, 20 Months Old. 

Why does time literally fly? 
How is this possible? 
Let's look at this little guy's stats: 
~ 2 ft. 6 inches 
~ 21.5 lbs 

I have all, but my 2-year molars + I am definitely working on them. 
* with the attitude to match *

♡     Favorite Songs: Old McDonald Had a Farm + You are My Sunshine    ♡
♡     Favorite Food: Hot Dogs, French Fries, Pizza, Pasta, Bananas, Apples+ Mangos    ♡
♡     Favorite Toys: Trucks + any kind of ball    ♡
♡     Favorite things to do: make a mess, play in the park, go to the pool    ♡
♡     Favorite Book: Whatever you are willing to read to him  ♡
♡     Favorite Show: Paw Patrol, Sesame Street & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ♡
♡ How many words do I know? : TOO MANY, we practically have conversations now ♡

Let's take a look at today, one-year ago.. shall we? 

If you're not aching with me, then I don't know what's wrong with you. It's so hard to believe that something so precious has grown so much. I came across a 6-month sweater that fit him when he was 8-months, and I was practically in tears. Can we just freeze time a little more? 


love always, 

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