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27 weeks + 22 months .. + a life update.

It has been HECTIC. 

July who? It literally came, said hi for  like a quick second + left. It's almost like it was ripping a bandaid off it was so quick. I honestly sat here for a few minutes trying to figure it out and couldn't figure out what we did in July AT ALL.

Well, we traveled (super last minute + rushed) up to NYC for my birthday weekend because my grandma fell in the middle of the street. Luckily, she walked away with a broken nose and some serious scratches + scrapes but she was a trooper.

This month has been one full of a few different experiences. 

I turned 28 that weekend + had gotten to 24 weeks/ 6 months of this pregnancy. 2.0 is kicking my whole booty. And now that I wrote that, I remembered that we had a pretty crazy beginning of July because 2.0 confused his many doctors which in turn stressed mommy, daddy + their loves ones out.

But that is a story for another day. He's happy, healthy + growing. That is ALL that matters.

Alexander rode on a pony for the first time ever. Mommy had to trail after him like the goofy, pregnant woman she is.

Mom shaved off all of my hair. Well. no. Aunt Jesy and Aunt Sara shaved off my  hair while Mom cried in the next room. Here's to hair growing in the right way.. we hope lol. He was looking all kinds of crazy.

Mommy volunteered a lot and I got spend a lot of time outside.

We transitioned to a big boy bed (a k a, get him used to not sleeping in a crib and sleep on the floor next to his mattress at night). And, in turn, now we wake up anywhere between 6-7 am.

We take our diaper off ALL THE TIME but the thought of potty training literally has Alexander chucking his potty across the bathroom. So. Yeah.

We got our first bee sting and LUCKILY didn't have an allergic reaction like daddy does.


 We have reached over 2 months of deployment (even though it feels like much, much, MUCH longer). 

That's it for us on this end. We are so excited for Fall to be here.

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  1. Gah I just love you so much! You've been so busy!! Add "come see Brandi" to that list! ;) <3