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hey there, lovely. 

I told you I'd be back with some beautiful pictures from Kristin Micari Photography

Kristin has become a close friend of mine - someone who has shared her struggle, her passion and her love of life with me. I answered a model call for her back in September towards the end of my pregnancy and we just clicked. She was wanting to build her portfolio and showcase her style, I was pregnant + had been on the hunt for maternity pictures. We hit it off. The entire session was full of laughter, funny moments + lots of "getting to know each other." 

I loved how easy going she was/is and my comfort with her was immediate. So when Nick told me he had been in contact with her for our newborn/family lifestyle photos for Lucas I was in tears and SO elated. 

Kristin is a Maryland Maternity, Newborn, and Family lifestyle photographer. 

But before I get there! I wanted to share some do's and do not's that I've learned over the years! I LOVE family pictures and I won't settle for less and that's NOW but I didn't always know/follow that. 

Let's start off with the Do Not's 

  • Do not leave any planning for last minute. Your photographer can only do so much with what you give them. If you want their best, give them yours. BE PREPARED + READY. 
  • Don't wait til last minute to book a photographer. 
  • Do not make any drastic changes to your appearance. A hair cut may not come out as you expected, your hair may be a bit brassy + we ALL know eyebrows can make or break a face. So please. Be mindful. 
  • Lose your cool. I'm guilty of this - I wanted awesome pictures, ones that really fit my vision. What I failed to remember is that what I vision is what I see every day and I can't get mad that my two year old wants to stick his finger in his nose. [ see below ] 
  • Don't make the photographer stay later to get this photo and that photo. Their time is just as valuable and they set it for a reason. 

Alright, now for some Do's! 

  • Do plan out your outfits - coordinate but make sure each person has their own style/fit. 
  • Do have some pictures set aside as a reference [ Pinterest is a blessing for that ] - in fact, let the photographer know ahead of time! 
  • Do have snacks for young kiddos as well as activities to do while pictures are being taken! Nothing beats a candid shot of the two, five or seven of you completely distracted but enjoying your moment together. 
  • Do keep in touch with your photographer and be open to suggestions. I was lucky enough to have found a photographer who literally tells me what to do and I am a-okay with it! Seriously. She knows what we BOTH like [ you'll see ] and she just tells me. An open line of communication allows for no surprises and the expectations to be laid out of the table. 
  • DO HAVE FUN! Lordy, family pictures, wedding pictures, etc are supposed to be fun! You take the stress out of it by trying to fit the perfect instagram aesthetic that is happening right now! You are not a Pinterest board love, enjoy it! 

Okay, okay. Now for some amazing pictures! 

told you it'd make it's appearance














They are precious, aren't they?
I post this and I cannot believe how quickly time has passed and how different both of them look.
Alexander is such a big boy + Lucas is already two months old.
Cue Mom Tears.

Since you made it this far -
head on over to Kristin Micari Photography + Give her a +Like and follow.

Til next time ;


  1. Excellent tips- especially not getting upset when reality doesn't meet your expectation of how photos should come out

  2. You share fabulous tips for capturing that perfect moment... I absolutely love your cute photographs! For me the best pics are the ones that capture true moments of joy like this... shell

  3. These pictures are amazing! You have such a beautiful family!

  4. Great collection of photos. I love the balck and white ones. Thanks for the tips