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10 Things Every Mom Should Be Doing For Herself

I am so guilty of not doing each of these, some of these or any of these at any point of my day. Some days you just can't.. so this is more of a reminder, rather than a must. 

 Parenting is no joke - some days you will have it in the bag, others the bag has the biggest gaping hole and there is NO way to fix it. And that's okay! We often forget to take care of ourselves when the going gets rough, the days get tough + the kids seem to have had a secret meeting to run you to the ground. 

So I put a list together of things you can, and probably should, be doing for yourself. Because you deserve it! 

 You really need to say no. 

Yeah, I know. Easier said than done.. but maybe going out with two kids, after crappy sleep + lacking energy isn't the best thing for you. And that is OKAY. Say no. 


The phrase "You can't pour from an empty cup" exists for a reason. If you aren't eating, then you don't have what you need to make it through the day. A full stomach avoids angry + hungry mommy, plus gives you the energy you need to get through the day. 

Ask for Help. 

This is where I fail, daily. I don't ask for help .. so really, who I am to tell you that you should be doing this, right? 
There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Whether its 5 minutes, 15 minutes or an hour. Don't make it a habit - just ask. You'd be surprised at how willing people can be. 

Commit to something. 

Weird, right? I can't commit to a shower, let alone something else. But it's true. Whether it's that one  hour run, one hour bath, fitness class, tv show, or a nap. Commit. 

Go for a Walk. 

Everyday. Go for a walk. Without your phone (I put mine on airplane mode because I love taking pictures of my kids), with your kids. Talk about what you see, talk about your day, what you're going to do next. Make it a habit - get outside + enjoy it. If you can't do it outside, do it inside :) 

Schedule any appointment. 

Hair, nails, massage, whatever. Just do it. 
[ preferably one that is pleasurable and not a matter of health, lol I don't necessarily find the dentist or eye doctor fun]

Ignore the to-do list. 

If your day is just not going as planned, ignore it. There is a reason for it and you just have to go with the flow. Follow what your kiddos want and/or need. You'd be surprised at how stress free you end up  being. 

Take that damn nap.

Who says naps are just for kids? If your kids are asleep, you might want to take advantage of that too. Sometimes a good nap can make the world of a difference. Can't sleep? Just lay there. Aimlessly. It works too. 

Pick a book. 

Not a parenting one, not on your iPad or Kindle or Nook. 
An actual book and get lost. Before the kids wake up or after they've gone to sleep. 


I am so guilty of this it's not even funny. You are not supposed to be superwoman, you're not supposed to do it all and have it all done at the end of the day. Some days you will, other days you will just be glad you woke up, the kids are alive and the fire department isn't putting our fires at your house. And that is a damn good day if you ask me. So give yourself a break, you deserve it - your kids and SO do too! 

What is something you're doing for yourself or something you do for yourself religiously?

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  1. These are SO true, mama! I pinned for later reminder. <3 Also, loving your new signature! So cute!