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5 Things I Am Grateful For

This was originally supposed to be a gripe fest. I was venting, just to vent.. to get things off of my chest. I looked over at my kids and realized that I was wrong. I needed to be positive.

We get so caught up in "getting things off of our chest" we don't take the time to truly be positive and take a step back and realize how lucky we are.

So.. I am grateful for ...

♡ My husband + kids.

These humans mean the world to me, even when they're driving me crazy, even when things are rough. They are who I start my day for and end my day with. I am blessed beyond belief to have "my boys" [ I am literally the only woman in my house, even my dogs are boys ].

My parents + my sisters. 

I am the oldest of four girls and the daughter of two amazing beings. I love my parents and my sisters, endlessly. My best support system, my sanity to the insanity.

My best friends. 

Need I say more? They know who they are, I love them. They complete me. I am forever thankful.

Our Home.

Even when I am stir crazy, I am beyond thankful. We have a roof over our heads, food in our fridge, water to shower with, and beds to sleep in.


This may seem corny and overplayed. But I am truly grateful to be here. Every day. I am healthy and happy. I have support. I have love.

There could be a day when I am not, there could be something that alters my life in unimaginable ways. But right now, it is here, I am present, I am able.

I am grateful.

What are you grateful for today? Always?
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