Diaper Bag Must Haves for Moms of Two

I was (and still can be) an over thinker + over packer. As a mom, we have to make sure we have to have absolutely everything, am I right?

I learned with Alexander that the best thing I could do was just make sure I had the essential. Then, when we found out we were expecting again, I transitioned to a backpack that would let me carry everything I needed and I used my lovely Vera Bradley for storage in the car [ ya know.. for just in case purposes ]. 

Depending on what my day looks like I keep enough to be gone for the day. I used to over pack and the bag would be heavier than I am and would tip the stroller over. Now, with two kids - I need something easy, something fast, something simple. 

For Lucas, currently 2 months. 
4-5 diapers
a change of clothes
nursing cover
a burp cloth
diaper ointment [ as needed ]

For Alexander, currently 2 years. 
2 diapers
an outfit change
a sippy cup 
snacks [in pouches/ individually wrapped]

For Mom + Dad
[because we can be just as needy, ;)]
hand sanitizer
a shirt (for mom because breastfeeding)

Each "section" has their own labeled, zip loc bag or "wet bag" [Check out Itzy Ritzy - super cute + discreet, you can use them for snacks + everything -- find them here!] 

I also stick in a grocery bag or two because blow outs exist + containing them is essential. 

Whenever I leave, I make sure I have my keys (thanks to Thirty One) & my wallet. One less bag, one less thing to remember. 

For the longer days, I make sure my bigger bag has at least a set of each of the above JUST in case. I also keep spare diapers for both kiddos in a container in the trunk of my car because there is always the possibility they will blow through the diapers like a leaking pipe soaking a kitchen towel.

What do you keep in your diaper bag? 

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  1. Ahh, love it! I always keeps snacks, something to clean up messes with, hand sanitizer, and diapers, obviously.