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Oh, the Mom Car.

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I always said my car would be clean, sparkly and would smell good when I became an adult. That rang true - I kept it nice and tidy, smelling good + everything. Then, I had kids - it is NOT easy having to manage a messy car.

All of a sudden, diaper bags, extra clothing, bottles, sippies - you name it. 

All of a sudden - packing the kids in and all of their crap was like a game of Tetris.. one that I actually got really good at. I got tired of it and created a system that seems to have done its job and keeps me (and the boys) in check! 

I started out by cleaning my car out completely. I took everything out, including car seats. Why? Because things actually collect in there and there is only one word for it 
Y U C K.

Once I cleaned everything out, I organized it. 

Three (3) Bins. 
Two (2) Garbage bags. 
A handful of shopping bags. 
Anything coconut ( this onethis one, or this one!
Rags/Old T-shirts. 

Two bins are actually for my kids. One holds diapers for both, an extra pack of wipes, an extra tube/tub of ointment, and a change of clothes for both of them. The other holds a couple of small books, some cars, a soft toy, a teether, and some CDs. The third bin holds my cleaning supplies, paper towels and a pack of sanitizing wipes [these are a must!!!]

[[ These are tethered in the back in place or kept UNDER our seats. There is a risk in flying objects in the event that you find yourself in a car accident. I don't know about you but a pink bin in my face is the last thing I need after being hit by a car... just saying ]] 

I sort through everything I've taken out of my car. Usually, by the time my car has been cleaned out and I organize the kids' stuff, I'm pretty much in the clear. The diaper bag and stroller are placed back into the back of my car. As is my carrier [ currently sporting the Ergo Omni - I love it! ].

I keep one of the large garbage bags in the passenger compartment + the smaller shopping bags in my lovely glove thinger in the center console. Sometimes a diaper might go south or there might be a spill and I like to keep these on hand. 

Then comes the fun part. I use Turtle Wax - I love the way it smells and the fact that my car feels super clean when I'm done! You can also spray it into your vents, but I do this when my boys aren't in the car with me or once a week when I leave the car and won't be in till the next day! 

Because I am the Starbucks queen - I collect napkins, cups, straws, you name it. I keep a plastic bag to keep things orderly and I clean out the bag EVERY WEEK sometimes twice a week. 

I also keep a cute little broom + picker upper duster for the crackers, cookies & crumbs. Since Alexander is two, I enlist him with this job! 

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