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A Wife's Guide To Happiness

I am usually not one for non-fiction books. I always vow to begin them and then, when I get a few pages in - I just stop. A Wife's Guide To Happiness: Receiving, Honoring, and Celebrating God's Role for You in Your Marriage is the exception to that rule. Marriage books typically don't give me that "awe" that a book has the tendency to - I don't necessarily like reading the same things over and over and over again. I like challenges, I like new approaches and I don't necessarily linger with books that use religion or God as the basis ( but that is a tale for another day). 

Jen Weaver changed that. 

I cannot tell you how frequently our marriage has become an afterthought or has lived on the backburner. Nick will be the first to tell you that the ups and downs were/are the hardest - well, any married couple will tell you that. It's obvious - things won't always be great and things won't always be bad. When you want it to work, it will - but it doesn't go without effort. 

Without going into personal detail, parenting is definitely a huge reason why marriages are second thoughts. We spend so much time focusing on the needs of these perfect, precious little heartbeats that our spouse no longer receives the amount of attention, affection, and effort as they once did. It's a learning process and we are definitely MUCH better than we have been - but a reminder once in a while really does do the trick.  

Jen Weaver acknowledges this and so much more in her book and provides real, funny, easy to read advice, insight and gets down to the nitty-gritty of what you need to do, how and why you need to for the sake of your marriage.  

First I started with the WifeStyle Quiz - I received the Winter Warrior .. let me know who you are!

Then, I got to reading. I had to set timers for myself. I wanted to keep reading but with a toddler and TADA, I was pregnant with Lucas when I received this book - so I was NOT trying to ruin it with the works of my stomach. 

Each chapter highlights blessings that we receive from God in hopes to provide wives with the tools to match their WifeStyle and how to be the best wife and self we can be. Something I, til this day, often find myself trying not to struggle with. 

To boot, Jen Weaver also provides readers with over 95 pages of free BONUS  book content that serves as guides to apply to your daily life and your marriage. This is broken down by chapter and each has worksheets, versions for your spouse and tools for a true, deeper understanding of yourself, your spouse, your marriage and God's role in your marriage and Wifestyle ;) 

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