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Building Confidence in Your Toddler

Every parent would love to see their children grow up to become confident, smart and respectable human beings. Sometimes it does not work as expected. Cultivating confidence is key to their growth and development. 

1.Love them unconditionally

Give your love to them unconditionally and let them know about it, now and then. When kids know that they can count on your love and support, they will be more ready to explore new things and new stuff compared to when you keep yelling at them. Let them feel completely accepted and cared for.

2. Do not compare your kids with others

Your kids are unique in their own way and comparing them with other kids does not do them justice. This is particularly worse in the case where your kid failed in something. If you compare them with other kids, they will develop an inferiority complex pretty fast and this will affect them for a long time to come. Let them know they can be the best they set out to be.

3. Step back and let them be

You need to step back occasionally and watch from far as they explore stuff by themselves. Let them take healthy risks and only intervene if you think they will harm themselves.

4. Give deserved praise

Give praise where due. Do not overpraise them as this will bring the exact unintended results. If they succeed in something, let them know how proud you are in them. This will give them the fuel to do even better next time. After all, who doesn’t like praises?

5. Teach by example

Do not preach water and drink wine. Toddlers learn better through observation. They are always keen to see how you handle yourself in a certain scenario and this implies that you need to do as you would wish to see them do. Teach by example. Let them shadow you as much as possible. 

6. Encourage them to explore their strengths and weaknesses

Enroll them into some sort of sports activity or engage them in some form of physical activity. Let them explore their limits and their strengths. You might be nurturing love for a specific career field or igniting fire into some form of talent they possess.

7. Hear their opinions out

Everyone loves to know that their opinions are respected. The same applies to your kids. Let them know that you value their opinion by asking them what they think of something from time to time.

8. Teach them resilience and patience

Resilience is better taught through failure. When they fail in something, do not be fast in correcting them. Instead, encourage them to try again and again. They will eventually get it right and this will give them a big boost in their confidence.

9. Give them responsibilities

Kids love to feel supportive. Give them responsibilities they can handle. For instance, give them chores around the house such as cooking or cleaning.

10.   Set rules and live by them

Set rules for the home and ensure that everyone lives by them, including yourself. The toddler will understand who is in charge and start living a structured and disciplined life.

What are your tricks or suggestions for building confidence in your little one!?

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