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Ticali Family Update :)

It has been quite the summer already!
We've been doing a bit of traveling, a couple of changes and lots and lots of activities.

So, as most know, Nick is currently in school and not in Maryland with us. He left Mothers Day and things have been quite the journey for us since.

  • I picked up a job working with an All women's gym here in Maryland and I LOVE IT. Such a great family to be a part of and I get to feel more like a contribution to someone else's life and that makes such a difference in how I spend my days. 
  • Our youngest sister, Adia, graduated high school, went to prom and is currently prepping for her move to New Paltz for college * cue tears * They really do grow up so fast!
  • The Ticali boys have given mom a run for her money and we are pretty much OVER the summer of 2018. Bring Fall & Bring good things.. PLEASE?
  • My sweet, sweet friend Brandi has published her first book and it is available in print as well as kindle on Amazon! GO GET IT! 
  • We had Mommy and Me pictures done by Jade again! And we are so excited to receive them! 
  • This unexpected hiatus turned out to really spark some creative writing and I am so excited for the blog posts that are on their way! ^__^ 
  • Lucas is now 9 months old and walking! Right? But still no teeth! 
  • Alexander is on the wait list for preschool! How exciting?! Scary?! MIXED EMOTIONS OVER HERE. 
That's it on our end. Just crazy business! What's going on in your neck of the woods?