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Fall Recipes to Make with your Kids!

Alexander absolutely LOVES spending time with me in the kitchen. So I went on a hunt to find recipes I could do with him that wouldn't be ... exasperating? kill the cleaner in me? Haha. I kid.. maybe. 

But these were definitely some of our favorite recipes. I narrowed it down because lets face it... If I did put all of the ones I even THOUGHT about trying we'd all have a moment! In the heat of the moment, I put the camera and computer away and just did them with him. It was absolutely perfect. Unplugging and just being in the moment. At some point the pictures I did take will end up on here for giggle purposes only. Let me know which ones you end up trying/loving/hating!

Our favorites were the S'mores Bars and Moster Krispy Cakes! Nick enjoyed the Pumpkin Pancakes and the Fall Chex Mix is literally my everyday go to! 

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