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Mommy Must Have - Me4Kidz

I normally like to do a HUGE list of products that I absolutely adore and love. 
Today, I'll be focusing on one that has literally been a saving grace in this house of boys I live in. 

The Medibuddy & our Cool It Buddy have been staples in our home since they arrived in September. Why did I wait to say anything? Because as soon as I opened it, SOMEONE WITH TWO FEET AND NO TEETH decided that they were going to hit their toe on the door and open their foot. Medibuddy to the rescue - seriously!! I can't even make this stuff up.

The Medibuddy first aid kit comes in 8 different styles and I would be lying if I said I didn't want one in each. It comes prepped and ready for anything - literally. Bandaids, Gauze, ointment, stickers and all in a super convenient case that makes it easy to keep organized and ready at a moments notice.

It's come in handy for the bumped toe, moms papercuts and it's made getting a bandaid on the toddler a walk in the park. ( Imagine putting a band-aid on an octopus? Yeah, that's my everyday).  Dealing with shots?  You got this. Need an emergency sticker for the random meltdown? Gotcha.

Thoroughly impressed doesn't even begin to describe the next product - The Cool It Buddy. One Word GODSENT. The reusable part of it alone makes the momma heart in me swoon. The fact that it is easy to freeze, still able to move, and compact and handpainted makes it every mom MUST HAVE.

What really impressed me was the fact that on the ice pack itself says the following: 
 I am okay, I am brave, I am tough, I am better, I am ready to play now

You go through the motions of having a child get hurt and the last thing you want to tell them is that they are okay and they're fine. Not giving them the chance to TRULY experience what just happened, process it, and then "get better." Whether it is a minor boo-boo or a major one - this phrase has made ALL THE DIFFERENCE for Alexander especially. Now, we get our ice pack he calls "Get Ice Monkey" and we say the phrase, we clean it up and we are good to go. Meltdown avoided. 

It also made the croup infestation we had that much easier because who doesn't want a monkey on their head? Right? Lol. 

The company itself? BEAUTIFUL. 

The Nasso family created and built the Me4Kidz brand and has focused on providing kid-friendly, eco-friendly, and family loved solutions for everyone. With over 15 products and choices, different styles, different needs and tons of fun the Nasso family has created a product that is a staple in my home as well as in the homes of many. 

With all of that said, they took the cake for me when I looked into their brand and saw that they partner with non-profit organizations to provide work for individuals with disabilities. Yes, yes. We can all cry right now - on top of providing comfort and ease to families across the states - they give an opportunity to have a hand in that. 

That was all I needed to head on over to Target and get one for each of my friends. I have a Medibuddy in my car, in my purse, in my husbands' car, in my parents' house & in each of the bathrooms.  My garage holds the Medibag First Aid Kit to replenish anything I might need and is my go-to in any family emergency. Handy, Dependable and Perfect for this house of absolute BOYS. It is beyond affordable and that has my name written all over it! 

Head on over to visit Me4Kidz and get to purchasing. Seriously. New moms, Seasoned Moms, Moms of Girls and Boys alike. Moms of Teens - it's endless and SO worth it. 

I received product in exchange for a review. However, all of my thoughts and experiences are that of my own. 

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