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Essential Oils for the Every Day Mom!

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy.

Having two kiddos, picking up a job at a gym, and Alexander being school has literally made the germs ever so rampant in our family. I feel like I've been dealing with something each time I turn around.

Now, before I continue on - I am not naming companies and I am not going to put one above the other. I am just naming the oils I use. You are free to do your own research, make your own choices based on what works for you and your family. 

Okay. Back to our regularly scheduled blog post. I started looking into oils when I was pregnant with Alexander because my headaches were WRONG. I was miserable and had a headache that literally lasted me about 3 weeks.  I was desperate. 

Once I found one that worked for me, I started looking at them more. Come to find out, there is an actual literal oil for that. So, without further ado - these are the oils I would suggest every mama bear have on hand if she's into that sorta thing ;) 

This one, this one, this one. Literal sleep & calm. I cannot recommend Lavender enough, seriously. You can use this for sleep, eczema, calming the nerves and just overall wholeness. I kid you not. I also add it when I'm doing laundry so my clothes have a lovely little hint of lavender since I use scent free and dye free detergent :) 

Peppermint is typically my go-to in combination with other oils! It is not recommended when breastfeeding so I have yet to use it, or use it often because of that. But it works for headaches, tummy aches, sinus congestion, pick me ups and cleaning. 

Oh, Frank. My boo. This oil has endless uses but most importantly, it helps the immune system. When you don't get days off, you need Frank on your side and to say he hasn't been there for me the last few months is an understatement. Frankincense also comes in handy when you need a bit of a stress reliever and when you want to add to your beauty routine!

I have known about tea tree oil for quite some time. I always thought it was solely for the pimples. But this beautiful oil has literally so many uses its not even funny! I mix tea tree with lemon and I disinfect my house, mix it with peppermint and lavender and I have vapor rub diffusing in my house, and during the summer months - tea tree oil and I are the best of friends because I LOATHE bugs. 

boop. I don't eat the fruit itself but the smell is so helpful, uplifting and energizing. This is one lovely mood boosting, air purifying, headache kicking addition to your oil shelf. 

And, finally, lovely lemon. This is great for cleaning - it smells amazing, I dilute it in water and go to town. I especially love using the lemon scent in my kitchen. You can use it to add freshness to your laundry! I also keep a bottle in my car for positive energy because Maryland drivers are CRAZY. 

Many of these oils can also be ingested, applied topically, diluted or undiluted, etc. Always do your research, always LEARN HOW to use them, find a brand that aligns with your wants/needs/etc. and ALWAYS ask your primary care physician before using anything for the first time.

Are you an oily type of person? What are your favorite single oils? Favorite blends? Check out my friend Victoria over at Modern Homestead Mama and her DIY Essential Oil Recipes section on her blog. Then give her a follow ;)

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