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hello .. again!

It seems these have become monthly for me - I have things I want to write, I have thoughts and I have deadlines & then they come and go! Life has been so busy! October itself has been busy and next month will be even busier!

Last month, Nick celebrated 12 years in the Navy! Go Navy, beat Army right ;)
Alexander started school.
My schedule for work changed up.
Toby was baptized ( my cute papasanga of a nephew/godbaby)
And MOPS came back ( enter cheesy smile here. I love these women)

This month!
We celebrated 6 years of Marriage on Friday the 11th! It has been absolutely beautiful! And I can't wait to see what this year brings us!
We also visited a sunflower field ( personal fave.. see pictures below!)
Alexander turns four this month (someone hold me) & it's the same day as my sister who is GETTING MARRIED NEXT MONTH and a day after my brother in law.
So did my sister in law, they're expecting and they're amazing.

Next month,

My SISTER GETS MARRIED (see pictures for her beautiful bridal shower)
We also go up to New York City for said sister in law & brother in laws baby shower (ALREADY!)
Lucas turns two right before Thanksgiving (someone hold me again.. please... it hurts)

& then comes December!
I honestly haven't thought that far. We'll be in NYC three times in November alone!

So. For the rest of October we have to get suits & things tailored, we have to venture on out to little halloween type things & fall type things before I hole myself up to hide from the snow (submit fear face here.. seriously) and we get ready to welcome holiday season.

That's it for us!
Here's some pictures just to bring a smile to your face & update me on what's going on with YOU!
How can I pray for you? How can I help you?




Happy Anniversary to my soulmate. <3 br="">I love you endlessly and I am so proud and honored to be called your wife.
I love doing life with you. 

Bridal Shower pictures, too!

The happy couple & their love <3 br="" nbsp="">Cannot WAIT!
The chair I made for her - <3 nbsp="" td="">

Decorations & Prizes

The absolutely beautiful bride-to-be

Anyways! That's it for my end! Stay tuned! 

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