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October g o a l s

Almost half-way through October - can you believe it? Already the 14th!

It's been quite some time since I did any goal setting or life planning because, well... life is unpredictable. With Lucas being in speech, Alexander in school, Nick at work and my work schedule being what it is - it's hard to really sit down and create any kind of "normal" in our home. 

So, this month my goals are pretty simple: 


I am setting time aside to watch a novela, Santa Diabla, because it's such a past time of mine that I didn't know I missed. It's definitely different watching American soap operas versus Spanish soap operas * gasps in Spanish * 

I want to read at least one more book this month. So far, I've read one and I want to finish this month strong. It's the first time I've picked up books that aren't school or parenting-related in almost FOUR YEARS. 

I want to create a closet capsule. I definitely want to start doing that and getting myself on that road to having less and it being more. I guess its Marie Kondo-ing the shizz out of my closet and, ultimately, my house. 


Spending more one on one time with each of the boys. It gets harder with their similar interests and different personalities to spend time ALL together with them. 

Date nights - seriously, they're lacking with these kids. They are far and few in between - especially with such crazy schedules. Have some date night suggestions? 

Family nights! I think, now that the boys are 2- and 4- years, respectively, it would be great to start doing some good movie nights, game nights and fun with the boys. Also family days in general! It's so important and so fun to be able to do that! What games do you play with your littles!? 


This one is a touchy one. It's hard to really pinpoint where I want to be, what I want to do, where I want to be. I began my journey as an educator and completed my Masters in Early Childhood Education - now I have to take the praxis, get back into teaching and really determine where I want to be. This one is a doozy. So maybe that's a goal that would take longer than just the rest of October. 

I want to take more leadership courses, finding more opportunities to help more moms and keep bringing great opportunities to my MOPS group full of wonderful military spouses. 

So tell me - what are your goals? What do you see yourself completing in the next month, three months, six months?


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